kirk: key word is alleged

Big Bang

9263 / 20000 words. 46% done!

Progress to report at last! I had taken almost a one month break because I had grown tired of the story, which is good because it gave me time to realize a few things:

(1) Although I am embarrassed to be writing a movie adaptation/high school AU, I am really enjoying writing it.

(2) The Breakfast Club is more interesting if you think of it as a study in the small ways teenagers have to try power over one another.

(3) I should go ahead and write each scene from whatever character's POV feels natural, then sort out the rest in the final draft.

jactrades link to 25 things you should know about writing a novel was immeasurably helpful in reminding me that my goal here is to write a rough draft -- a very, very, very rough draft. I'll figure out how to make it pretty and presentable later.