torchwood: two hands in love


So I watched all three episodes in the last twenty-four hours and did not think I was all that in love with it, except now I am all WHY IS THERE NO MORE SHERLOCK? I understand more is coming this fall, but that is many months from now, so I was feeling forlorn. Then I remembered the wondrous thing called fan fiction and was consoled. Someone has fanfic to rec for me right?

Miscellaneous observations:

(1) Benedict Cumberbatch talks like Alan Rickman and looks like Voldemort. Also, it is impossible to type his name without giggling.

(2) Uh, holy racial insensitivity Batman! I am pretending episode 2 did not exist. It was mostly pointless anyway.

(3) Mostly I do not have the mysterious thing called slash goggles, but I think it is unavoidable in this case. When Watson almost got blown up, I kept waiting for Holmes to kiss him. It seems like even Watson recognizes their homoerotic love. Not sure that I actually ship them though, because I tend to ship people who are capable of adult relationships, and I don't think Holmes is. That last episode though...

So, who has recs?

Also, tomorrow I am making apple tart with caramel sauce for the fourth of July. And because I cannot possibly eat the profusion of apples I have earned from my recipe job.
I adore the new Sherlock series and am delighted you discovered it! Think of us poor slobs who've already been waiting for months for new episodes. There's some really good fic out there. I tend not to bookmark many things, but I bookmarked 2: a funny one - All that Glitters and -- both slash, although I tend to read a lot of gen, looking for plotty stories. I'll have to go back through my LJ history to find the authors.

There's a wonderful newsletter that is updated every 1-3 days, holmesiannews. I hope you can find some fun things to sustain you until the show airs again. I thoroughly enjoyed them, and have the DVD set. Cheers!
Oooh, thank you! I did friend holmesiannews today; it looks like a good source.

*goes off to read recs*
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall kinds of recs! Holmes/Watson in any permutation is one of my original OTPs, so I went in ready to ship it, but damn. And I know for a fact that Mark Gatiss (one of the co-creators) does too.

(Yeah, pretending TBB didn't happen is a good plan. It's what most fans do anyway.)
Haha, I clicked on this post specifically to ensure that someone had provided that link!
Tee hee! That link is indeed hilarious. Makes me want to see if Benedict Cumberbatch does any comedy...
I love this series, but the women in it (or lack thereof) make me feel kind of icky. Sarah is okay, though of course she has to be damseled. I dunno. The people at Doctor Who, Torchwood and friends all seriously disturb me with their treatment of both women and race. Obviously they are being friendly toward homosexuality, which I appreciate, but as much as I love Cumberbatch all up, I wish they'd had the balls to make Sherlock a girl. I guess I'm left writing genderswap.

The best fic I've read in the fandom (and some of the best fic I've read in general) is by wordstrings. List of all her BBC!Sherlock fic is here.
I always rather loved the female characters on Torchwood, but I agree Sherlock doesn't treat them well. They're just...absent and disposable.

I am loving the writer you recommended!
Female leads on TW for the most part seem fine, but er, then there's stuff like--er, well, the infamous Owen-mind-controlling-people-to-have-sex bits, which is played as comedy and not. Rape. Which I guess is not a gender thing. Just a rape thing. But anyway, there were several moments like that for me on the show, although I can't cite any more because . . . um, it's not my favorite.

absent and disposable.

Well, imo it's worse. Molly is in an interesting position, but the way they (the writers) deal with her unrequitedness is just so stereotypical and weak. I also rather like Sally (she's sassy!), and it's fine if she hates Sherlock, and it's also very in character for Sherlock to point out that she's er, been performing oral sex (probably) but--she's set up as a character we dislike (because she dislikes Sherlock) and then you immediately link her to sex--and, well, it reads like we're supposed to laugh at her shame and possibly think she's dirty. And Sherlock makes just as much fun of Anderson, who's the real jerk of that ep, and yet his general doucheyness isn't linked to who he chooses to have sex with, is it? Ugh. Anyway, I like Sarah, I hope she comes back and gets to be more than, well, just John's girlfriend that people have to save. And Mrs Hudson could get interesting too, if she ever gets to do more than serve boys biscuits.

I love wordstrings so much! I'm glad you like her stories.
I'm so glad someone else hears the Benedict Cumberbatch = Alan Rickman thing.
Adding a few specific recs that I enjoyed. I think these are my favorites (all in my memories):

Apotheosis (Sherlock/bamf!John)

A Thousand Threads of What-Might-Have-Been (hnngh)(Sherlock/John unhealthy and twisted but still somehow perfect (and healthy?))

Before and After (Sherlock/Molly and Molly/Lestrade)

Gravid (Girl!John/Sherlock)

Also, the main Sherlock comm has a weekly recs post which is MOST helpful.
I just read a bunch of Sherlock fic recently! That actually re-restored my faith in Sherlock fandom (which I had written off for a while as the same fic in multiple iterations). Let me hunt them up for you: is an amazing Sherlock/John/Mary Morstan poly fic that restored my faith in humanity. Rated NC-17. is Sherlock/John/Sarah OT3. Rated NC-17. is rated R, and I found it vastly amusing. Sherlock and John go undercover at a BDSM club. gives Sally Donovan a lovely backstory (IMO). is ... well, it's evil!Molly fic. And is awesome.

These stood out in my mind the most. Now I'm off to reread them!
The A Priori Verse is one of my favorite Sherlock fanfics. I'm not usually into the vampire thing, but the world-building is very well done and the characterization is spot on.