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Prompt me!

Everything I am working on is big and ambitious, but I need the immediate gratification of stories I can post now. Star Trek and Harry Potter are fair game, feel free to prompt characters/pairings outside my comfort zone, but as ever, my writing skews strongly toward het and gen.
OMG, can I leave lots of ideas and you can do whatever the hell you want or nothing? If the answer is no that sucks, because I am going to!

1. Kirk/Gaila--one of the reasons Kirk is such a legend isn't just because of how much he sleeps around but because he taught himself early on to please everyone in bed before himself. Gaila takes control, and teaches him to receive for once.

2. Uhura and Hermione, ideCARE, just. These two!!

3. Sulu teaches Uhura fencing. Uhura teaches Sulu a language (can be whatever you want. Can be either one of these. Obvs, I am not picky here.)

4. Luna as a visiting professor at Hogwarts. Neville's kind of always had a thing for her.

If it weren't one thirty in the morning, I would so have more. *hugs* Hope these at least spark something, even if it seems unrelated to me. And I SO know what you mean, I just committed to writing an 100k + fic.

OMG. I am dying for some good Kirkgen ATM. Genderbend or not. Angsty or not. Geniuskink or not. Family or not. Just. Kirk. In all his fucked up glory.

I'll return the favour if you want to leave a prompt.

*contemplates* I do like writing Kirk a lot, but did you have any specific ideas in mind? I never seem to come up wtih bunnies for him.

I will leave you a prompt if/when I am able to finish a story for you :)

Sorry. I fail at prompting.

Ok. My official prompt for you is:

Girl!kirk helps Gaila negotiate human customs. Yes, she realises the irony.

I've always wanted to read a serious attempt at Spock/Gaila. I feel like, in their academy days, pre-Uhura, Spock would have been willing. And Gaila would be down because she'd know Spock would always be straight with her--no power games.
I have commenced writing this story. Thank you for the insight into her motivations and the time frame - I have been interested in writing this pairing forever, but I could never figure out how to pull it off. Somehow setting it before the big Spock/Uhura relationship started never occurred to me...

*contemplates prompt*
Molly and Arthur together, maybe inspired by the Wendy Cope poem, 'Being Boring'?

Uhura and Spock, and their first row, and how they get over it.

Any couple - "a worrying obsession with buying second hand books".

(Being in love makes one become irreemably soppy, my aploogies.)
there might possibly be a theme to these.
Number One, Pike, and a shuttlecraft.

Winona, George, and a shuttlecraft.

Nyota, Spock, and a shuttlecraft.

Gaila, Sulu, and a shuttlecraft.

Hermione, Neville, and a shuttlecraft.

Jim Kirk, an unconscious copilot, and a shuttlecraft.

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Gen, Spock needs to solve a problem that Kirk doesn't think is a problem. Either cleverly sneaking behind his back or persuading Kirk to his POV would be lovely.