Thirty Days of Women: Day 11

Day Eleven: Favorite Female Character in a Children's TV Show

She-Ra Princess of Power

Obviously, my love for adventurous ladies began very young. My favorite thing about She-Ra was that my mom and little sister never argued with me about watching it. I loved shows like GI Joe and He-Man, but my mom always told me they were boy shows, which was why my sister never wanted to watch them. When I roamed the toy aisles at Wal-Mart and saw that all the action figures associated with those shows were clearly aimed at boys, I felt a sinking feeling they were right: I wasn't supposed to like them. She-Ra was different because it was all about girls, so my mom bought me a sword and a ton of She-Ra dolls, and my mom, my sister, and I all agreed that we would watch it every time it came on. It was the only adventure show that felt like it was clearly mine, and I loved it for that.
Using this icon because it features Frosta, my favorite "She-Ra" character. I loved the show too. I watched "He-Man" with my little brother, and I was cool with it because at least it had Teela and the Sorceress, and they were pretty kick-ass. But "She-Ra" was a revelation. So many kick-ass ladies!
As soon as I was this picture I heard the theme song in my head and got a little misty.

I loved She-Ra I remember my Dad taking my sister and I to see the movie and just being in love with her, her horse, her pretty colors, and the fact that she was smart (let's face it, He-Man was no rocket scientist and Prince Adam wasn't known for his intelligence either)and powerful in both her incarnations She-Ra and Princess Allura (I refuse to google so I think that was her name.

Excellent, excellent choice.
My kids are watching She-Ra on TV land now and it makes me laugh. I was in college when the show came on and She-Ra struck me as so not Wonder Woman (who I watched as a kid). And I was in fencing and found it weird that she seldom actually did anything violent with that big sword. (Boys can fight with swords, but girls should just carry them around and deflect things with them?)

I liked Lady J on GI Joe better. She's a tough, take charge chick.
I loved She-Ra but it was easier to find the He-Man toys. I even had this Orko where you pull the plastic chord and he spins, it was awesome.