Thirty Days of Women: Day 9

Day Nine: Favorite female character in a drama show

Padma Lakshmi - Top Chef

The truth is, I'm a bad fangirl. I do not watch any TV that is not about either food or real estate. I can't even remember the last time I routinely watched a drama show (though, for the record, I do consider my sci-fi shows dramas, but I'm using the characters elsewhere in this meme). Thus I have determined to classify Top Chef as a drama and Padma Lakshmi as a character. In some ways, I think she represents our society's objectification of women -- if we've got anything remotely resembling a game show, we've got to get a really hot babe on the TV screen, but the guys can look like what they want. But I think Padma rises above that. She is beautiful, but she is also an articulate and talented writer (check out her Vogue article for an example) and unafraid to walk out of interviews if reporters broach the forbidden subject of her ex-husband, Salman Rushdie. And, honestly, it's a pleasure to watch a beautiful woman display her body. Women shouldn't be ashamed of working what they've got.
I love Padma Lakshmi. She's so fierce and fabulous and loves food and so gorgeous. I love watching Top Chef for her and for the food (but almost more for her, lol).