spock: logic is sexy

Female Character Meme - Day 8

So I started this meme way back in February, and then I traveled, and then I bought a house, and then it seemed a bit silly to re-start in the middle. But, now that several of my friends are doing it, I remembered how much I liked it, and I'm starting from where I left off - day 8.

Day Eight: Favorite female character in a comedy show

Tina Fey - Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live

When you saw Tina Fey, you probably thought I was going to talk about 30 Rock, but no, it's been so long since I have routinely watched a comedy show that I had to reach all the way back to my college SNL days. I loved seeing a woman -- okay, well anyone -- on that show being funny in a cerebral way, and I remembered hearing her called "the thinking man's sex symbol." I liked that idea because I too had small black-framed glasses and deadpan delivery. At the time, I hadn't had many boyfriends, and I didn't think of myself as very attractive. That magazine article was the first time I had seriously considered that women could be sexy in different ways, and while I knew that I would never be the blond bombshell on the cover of a magazine, I thought I could maybe be sexy like Tina Fey.