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Progress! It is happening!

6359 / 20000 words. 32% done!

This one is for the Breakfast Club AU. I do not completely admire it as a creative project, but it is certainly fun to write. I hope it will also be fun to read? I also sent the beginning of my Death Eater on the Enterprise story to yeomanrand for comments, so progress is being made on that front as well. My intention is to finish both stories this summer and then choose one for my official big bang.

I was feeling starved for ideas for the longest time, but now I am overflowing with plot bunnies...for really, really long stories that cannot be attempted while I have so much going on IRL. But, I shall record the ideas so that I can come back to them later!

1) The epic tale of Sulu's mom, including the beginnings of her Starfleet career, her unexpected pregnancy, why she prefers that Sulu's father not be a part of her life, and how she became a captain and lost her ship to the Narada.

2) Epic tale of One surviving in the wilderness on her own after her shuttle (or cool fighter jet thingie?) is shot down and her ship cannot easily rescue her. Probably she would be wounded, probably people would be hunting her, and probably nature would also be out to get her. Like The Hunger Games, but not a satire on reality TV shows.

3) Gaila and Sulu liberating an Orion slave ship. I am going to try to percolate this one in my mind for future writing.
I also sent the beginning of my Death Eater on the Enterprise story to [info]yeomanrand for comments

Very happy-making news. :D

I'm glad to hear that your ideas are back, and what fascinating ones they are! I hope your RL gives you time to write this summer. ;-)