number one

Recs: 2 BSG, 2 HP, 1 Torchwood

Battlestar Galactica
Not Quite a Sucker by lyssie - Kara/Helo, adult
Kara's wasted, Helo's a little sloshed, they're both on shore leave, and they have sex. This alone would make the story worth reading, but the characterization brings it to another level. Kara is so perfectly her -- hard to like, yet impossible not to like.

Forgetting by nixa_jane - Helo/Kara, Helo/Boomer, Kara/Lee UST
Kara Thrace meets Helo the month after Zak Adama dies. She doesn't know it, but it's the beginning of a friendship. I loved the way this story illustrates that Kara's feelings for Helo are friendly, not romantic, yet they fuel sexual encounters with both Helo and other men. Kara's voice in this story is absolutely perfect, and I loved the way her interior monologue revealed that her seemingly thoughtless relationships make complete sense to her, if not to other people.

Harry Potter
By the Light of Lesser Mortals by anonymous for springtime_gen - Dolores Umbridge
Every good villain is the hero of her own story. That's what makes them so scary. This fic, which tells the story Umbridge's rise in the Ministry, demonstrates that perfectly. I loved the way that the author occupied Dolores' head so fully -- I even empathized with her early career frustrations -- and uses that to show what a disturbing person she is.

Let Us Not Talk Falsely by anonymous for springtime_gen - Arthur Weasley, Pansy Parkinson
Arthur Weasley needs an assistant. Pansy Parkinson takes the job. Neither of them want each other, but they're stuck with each other, and of course, Arthur can't help but reach out. Using the premise that Arthur and Pansy work together to disenchant magical objects that have fallen into Muggle hands, this fic branches off in several unexpected directions, including Pansy's reasons for taking a job and the story behind Arthur's infatuation with Muggle artifacts. The world building in this story is fascinating, as is the characterization of Arthur and Pansy.

Next Time Without the Head Injury by redfiona99 for queer_fest - Micah Davies/OFC
Micah Davies is the niece of Ianto Jones who appeared in a few scenes of Torchwood's third season. This fic begins with the rather intriguing premise that since her Uncle Ianto is a hero, he must be the sort of big butch manly man that her family would admire. And what hero, she wonders, would have a misfit lesbian niece? This fuels a very realistic misunderstanding with her family, followed by an awkward and funny accidental coming out. As an added bonus, Micah's character has a beautifully distinctive voice and the setting is absolutely perfect.