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Big Bang

I signed up for startrekbigbang. I did that last year too, I think mainly because all my friends were doing it. I did not finish my story -- in fact, I never wrote more than 500 words -- but the thoughts and scraps I had became Five Times Gaila and Sulu Saved Each Other, which I think is one of the better stories I have written. This year, I have a couple stories that I like a lot but never could finish. One is a re-telling of the Breakfast Club with the AOS cast, and one is the story of Hermione trying to track down a fugitive Death Eater on the Enterprise. Both of them need at least 20,000 words, which is why I've never found the energy to write them. I figure big bang is my last shot to get them done, and if it doesn't work out, I'll post them both as orphaned WIPs.
I still want to finish that Hermione story. I just got lost in the amount of world building necessary, most particularly how to tell it from Hermione's POV while also building up that the Death Eater was using polyjuice to pose as Spock.

Would you have any interest in looking it over and helping me figure out what to do next?