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where_no_woman is hosting a femslash and queergen exchange. You can sign up till next Tuesday, and stories will be due on July 16.

Sadly, I think I'm going to sit this particular lady-fest out. I'm just not very femslashy about Star Trek fandom, although I do enjoy reading Gaila/Uhura stories now and again. Female characters have such small parts in the film that it's hard for me to figure out how they might go together. I mean, if you're going to write Gaila/Chapel (which I have, once), you first have to figure out who the hell Chapel even is, then you have to figure out what about her would be compatible with Gaila, and then you have to figure out when/how/where their relationship would get started... It's too much for a gen-focused author like me!

Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't go sign up for the exchange...

Maybe I will see a tasty-looking prompt in the madness round and fill that instead.
You could focus on the queergen part of the exchange?

Fr. Ex., a couple of prompts I'm probably going to drop out there will include Madeline's take on Human sexuality as a member of an oviparous race


Jo coming to grips with being and then coming out to (pick a parent) as asexual.

Well, I just posted a Gaila/Chapel fic, so we'll have to see...

I'm not sure I'm quite good enough at worldbuilding for either one of those prompts, although they are certainly intriguing!