spock: logic is sexy

Recs: 1 Harry Potter, 5 Star Trek

Harry Potter
Find Eyes to See the Bright of Day by anonymous for springtime_gen - Harry, Andromeda Tonks, Ginny
Harry deals with the psychological fall-out of the battle of Hogwarts with help from a surprising source, Andromeda Tonks. The emotional arc of the story is well-done; Harry's issues feel real but don't wallow in angst. But what really drew me in was the gorgeous writing. Every word is carefully chosen, and not a single detail is out of place.

Star Trek Fic
Mother, Can You Hide the Waiting World? by sharpestscalpel - mirror!Rand/mirror!Chapel
In the mirrorverse, Janice Rand is an abuse survivor and Chapel a tough nurse with a hint of compassion. When Rand is assaulted, the two slowly build a connection. I loved the way that Chapel and Rand's relationship slowly evolved, and more than that, I enjoyed sharpestscalpel's original take on the mirrorverse. It's still a tough place to live, and still a place where people plot and scheme, but it doesn't preclude genuine friendships and affection. Heed the warnings in the header.

Home, Let Me Come by tosca1390 - Winona Kirk, Jim Kirk
After the battle of Vulcan, Winona finds Jim and drags him home. tosca1390 always writes a lovely Winona, and this story is no exception. It was a pleasure to read about a happy, functional relationship between Winona and Jim for once, and I particularly liked the way this story achieved that while acknowledging that Winona had been absent for much of Jim's life.

One (The To All The Girls I've Ever Loved Remix) (1688 words) by faviconMedie - Number One/OFCs
In the interests of full disclosure, I have to admit that this story was written for me, but I'd be reccing it even if it weren't. medie weaves together two parallel stories -- one is a lost love from One's past and the other a casual, sexy encounter from in the present. Both are fascinating portraits of Number One, but the back story offers some especially intriguing glimpses of One's childhood and Illyrians' attitude toward homosexual relationships.

Those Gold Bodies (4039 words) by faviconazephirin - Kirk/girl!Spock, NC-17
This is how all porn should be written -- great sex and great characterization. Girl!Spock's logical, exploratory approach to her first sexual experience is particularly well-done.

Star Trek Art
Art Noveau T'Pring by deliciousny
A lovely picture of T'Pring as if she were an Alfons Mucha painting. The post contains a nice Amanda and Winona as well.
Thanks for the rec! I'm so glad about the response that fic is getting. I really enjoy writing Winona.

Also, I am really enjoying springtime_gen too. There's a lot of good stuff this year.