I worry a little about this fandom

I first noticed it when I was planning my last rec post. I had plenty of Harry Potter to rec, even some Buffy and Battlestar Galactica. But no Star Trek. Somehow making a rec post without ST felt like an admission of defeat. It would force me to admit that my main fandom was slowly dwindling. Maybe the slash side is still going strong, but too many days, there are no het or genfic stories linked in trek_news at all. The challenges and the fests, except for the ones in where_no_woman, are all for icons. I write stories for Harry Potter, and I worry.

See, I'm not actually a very good fangirl. When I cut my cable, I also decided to give away my TV. In general, I do not consume media that is not about food. When I do, I am incredibly picky. I can't get into a show at all unless I can mainline at least a season at once, and too many shows disappoint me after the first season. I tried to love Sanctuary; it seems to have a growing fandom and nifty female characters, but I kept turning off episodes halfway through. It seems that I am absolutely, positively incapable of feeling fannish about anything that is not sci-fi or fantasy. Whenever I do find material I love, it is either closed canon (HP, BSG) or embroiled in controversy (Torchwood). On top of all this, I'm probably going to cancel my Netflix account in favor of a paid digital subscription to the New York Times. I read the NYT every day, but I only watch Netflix once a week.

But, as difficult as it is for me to find a fandom, I would feel utterly bereft without this outlet for my writing. I suppose I could write original fic, but it would not come with the same sense of community. I wouldn't get the kind of feedback on it that I do for fanfic. I don't think I would meet as many new people because of it. My small quantity of HP stories have been pretty well-received, so perhaps I could establish myself over there -- except that HP is a closed canon, and after the movie comes out this summer, it will start to dwindle too. And it's not that I want to leave ST, but writing in other fandoms has a freshness that I have started to miss. Delving more deeply into my Gaila back story is intellectually satisfying, but it's my only inspiration now. So I write it and I worry about how long I can continue with less than two hours of canon, and I worry even more about how much longer people will want to keep reading stories in this fandom. I hope the new movie really is released in 2012 and that it brings more fans with it.
I think it comes in ebbs and flows, when it comes to fandoms. And as far as Star Trek goes, I'm totally unhelpful because I have four unfinished ST fics, just kind of hanging out, waiting for me to pick them back up again.

As movie things start to leak, fandom will pick back up again, I'm sure of that. And fandoms never really die, not as long as there are diehards. :)
I wouldn't worry too much. Soon enough the next movie will start filming and we'll start getting more info, rumours, etc. and fandom will pick back up. Star Trek fandom (as well as Harry Potter fandom) is one of those that can never really die. Dwindle and/or ebb and flow, sure; but not die.
I guess I look at Star Trek in the context of its expanded universe, with all of TOS/TNG/VOY/DS9/ENT and their tie-in novels (especially the tie-in novels) and comics awaiting me, although recently I've been reading a lot more published fiction than I have fanfiction and haven't written a damned thing since January, so you can possibly take this with a grain of salt.

I bet you would enjoy Eureka, although I recommend the post-timeline-change episodes with some reservation. (The narrative choices they made don't bother me, but they might bother you? IDK.) It has practically no fandom to speak of, but there are three seasons out and another season supposedly coming, and I love it with all my heart. Warehouse 13 likewise doesn't have a fandom, I love the canon itself in the same way I love Eureka. (The setup for how they get the team together in the beginning might irritate you.)

Likewise, if you haven't watched Avatar: the Last Airbender, you need to. Its fandom has mostly settled down, but with the new sequel series coming I would bet my britches that we are looking at a newly sizeable fandom. Plus: Magic karate! Awesome ladies! Subtle literary references!

Tamora Pierce's books have a hugely active fandom but it's all on two message boards; they are, however, really welcoming to new writers and if you're up for giving the board-not-LJ format a spin you might find a home there. (Bonus: 27 novels spread out over two universes, with no sign that she will stop writing any time soon.)

Hunger Games has a fandom, which is admittedly about a collective 14 years old and reflects that, but movies are coming and it will likely only get bigger from there.

Also if you want to give a procedural drama/dramedy a try, you might enjoy Castle. It's another one that I love in my soul, largely because it's genuinely funny.
Sheroes Central is the official forum, which can get a little, er, worshipful for my taste.

Fief Goldenlake is the unofficial forum with the fanworks and discussion. All I ask is that you not mention its existence to anyone involved with running yuletide. :)
thanks!! and no worries I won't mention anything because I have no idea what you're talking about lol
Omg, someone else in fandom who doesn't have a TV! *feels less alone*

Also, are you not into Doctor Who at all? There is a lot of het in that fandom, especially right now with the current team TARDIS.
I could not get into S1 of Dr. Who at all. The characters were cool, but I was so used to the darker tone of Torchwood that DW did not work for me. Then I tried watching the re-runs on PBS at night (back when I had a TV), and there were lots of episodes about things like giant bees. Did I just get unlucky? Should I try again from a different point in the series?

And is the fandom nice? I have heard scary things about a really mean anonymeme...
I'd give Series 5 (Eleventh Doctor/current team TARDIS) a try, at least up through the two parter with the Weeping Angels.
Ooh, this is difficult for me to answer, since I was a Doctor Who fan before I was a Torchwood fan. Umm, the episode with the giant wasp was definitely one-of-a-kind, and very silly. If you're willing to start again, I would recommend either the start of season 4 (David Tennant's last season) or the start of season 5. Season 4 does have the wasp episode, but then it also has some darker episodes, too. Season 5 is a lot darker, I think, so I might actually recommend that even more. And, in season 5, there are two female leads who get to be awesome and have agency. And Season Six is starting out really dark. But, I don't know, people tend to either really love Doctor Who or really hate it. Oh, and, if nothing else, watch 'Blink', because that can be watched pretty much by itself without having seen other episodes.

One thing I can say about it is that the fandom is huge, so there is an abundance of het/slash/femslash/gen etc. There is a mean corner of fandom, but I tend to stick with doctoreleven which is mostly a squee comm for season 5 onwards. Oh, and spoiler_song, they have a lot of love for one of the female leads :D
I have noticed that the fandom is a little quieter, but I do think it will pick back up with the new movie (WILL IT JUST COME OUT ALREADY *impatient*)...and perhaps we're due for another fic fest sometime soon? *pokes fandom*

In any case, I'm not going anywhere!
In any case, I'm not going anywhere!

Glad to hear it!

WNW has its mothers day fest coming up. I am contemplating running a sequel exchange or a genfic fest this summer.


I'm glad we got "Riverside" finished, because I still don't know what I'm going to write for Mother's Day.
A sequel exchange would be AWESOME. I didn't sign up for the WNW Mother's Day fest because May is a busy time for a high school admin assistant (as I know you can imagine) but this summer I will be there with bells on.


I've been waiting to purchase my IMAX season pass until it's released and I WANT TO HAVE IT NOW@!! (I really need that pass, last time I went to Star Trek in IMAX 6 times at Full Price. My wallet was thin)
Ooh, it would be so cool to see the new movie in IMAX. Wonder if there's anywhere around here to do it. (I have plenty of time to research, LOL.)
> the new movie really is released in 2012 and that it brings more fans with it.

I think it absolutely will. I already "used up" my new Star Trek quotient. I love Star Trek; I've been writing fic about it since the original series. But eventually the stories start to become repetitive and we fans need a fresh infusion. At least I do.

I'm experiencing the same thing with Sherlock that you are with ST. So many stories are just repeats -- innocently done, but repetitious nonetheless -- of material I've read before. There are some cracking stories mixed in, but it's becoming few and far between. When the fandom started, almost everything was good.

So, let's hope the new movie is terrific and it will give us another fan spurt. It will be way fun! Hang in there.
Writing in a closed canon has its drawbacks and sooner or later, most are. Trek is as close as it gets to a perpetual canon. And Dr. Who, I suppose, as long as they keep reinventing the show. It was off the air for quite a while, too.

I am loving Fringe. It has two seasons available on DVD, a third will be sometime this summer and it just got renewed for a fourth season. It's very well-written. Olivia Dunham is a great character. It has a canon AU, with versions of all of the main characters who are just a little different. And there's weird science. Its fandom is small enough that it's eligible for Yuletide but there are interesting people writing and reading fic.

I think I am becoming a fandom is my fandom person.
I've noticed the same. It's okay for me 'cause I'm getting more focused on RL anyway so the development supports my decision. The lack of new stories allows me to catch up on my backlog and give feedback on older stories that I haven't had time to read yet. So that's nice. Still, I hope the new film brings new material and new people; I miss the energy of the first days of Reboot fandom.

And: TV-less fan solidarity! *highfives*
In LOTR every new movie caused the fandom to swell to even greater heights than it had been before, and in the gap between movies it always subsided a little. The gap between the Star Trek movies is much bigger and so is the subsidence, but it won't fizzle out entirely before the next movie. I promise not to let it. :)

This post inspires me to get back to work on my upcoming hetfic (and my upcoming femslash, though it's a double genderswap so I can't really count it).
I've also been feeling a bit of fandom ennui lately. If it helps, I'm still very interested in all of your stories. ♥