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The AO3 hits meme

I am late to the party, but I saw when I skimmed my flist while I was internet-less, and I thought it looked fun.

There is Joy in Repetition (But Sometimes You Have to Break Routine) (6357 words)
When Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are critically injured in a Romulan ambush, Chapel must defend sickbay from Romulan intruders.

The Proper Treatment of Sexorexia (3037 words)
Gaila does not get her new roommate at all. They've been at school 3 whole weeks now, and she hasn't had sex with anyone. Not even once. She wonders if she should do something. Sex is as important as food, after all. If her roommate were anorexic, she should definitely try to help. Sex anorexia (sexorexia?) is probably just as bad and life-threatening. Plus, it seems to put her roommate in a really bad mood. The situation definitely calls for action. But what should she do?

You're Gonna Make It After All (6623 words)
Two indecent exposure citations, one best friend, one amazing sex partner, one unexpected mentor, and a Starfleet-funded study of intercultural sexual norms. Sounds like a normal academic year for Gaila.

A Profound Coming Loose (2110 words)
Amanda is ready for sex. Sarek isn't. It's not an easy conversation, but it's not a hard one either.

Logic Demands That You Take Off That Ridiculous Hat, Get Naked, and Come to Bed (6430 words)
When people ask how he met his wife, he says they exchanged cultural information at a diplomatic event. He does not mention that she beat him at logic (twice), or that afterward, they took off their clothes.

All Roads (Eventually) Lead to Home (2900 words)
After the war is over, Hermione goes to find her parents. They're not where she expected them to be.

Until You Tear It Off Me (1669 words)
Tight, cheap, tacky red dresses serve no logical purpose that Sarek can see. Amanda teaches him otherwise.

Five Times Gaila and Sulu Saved Each Other (12,170 words)
Even tough, independent people need saving once in awhile. Gaila and Sulu save each other from fears and insecurities, tarantulas and Starfleet ration bars, failed simulations and lost promotions. And space pirates. Twice.

Reality Bites (1447 words)
The fifth time the Enterprise slips into an alternate reality, Captain Kirk wants to stay. (I completely forgot that I wrote this story. It is ooooooooold, and I'm kind of baffled by it's presence on this list.)

Cuffed (442 words)
Handcuffs on the coffee table may not seem odd to you, but your visiting father-in-law probably won’t see it that way. (WTF is this doing so high in my hit count? I think the summary is rather alluring, but the reality is disappointingly tame.)

I know some people don't like the hit counter on AO3, but I love it. Intellectually, I know that some, maybe even a lot, of those hits are people who start the story and don't finish it, but I feel special that they would even click on it in the first place. Watching the hit counter go up feels almost as good as comments. I like stalking LJ stats for the exact same reason.

Most of the results of this meme don't surprise me. Five of the ten stories were posted for challenges hosted on AO3, so it makes sense that they would get the most hits. The Gaila stories are up there, and so are the Amanda/Sarek. I'm a little surprised that there isn't more Spock/Uhura on the list, but I come to AO3 to seek out rarer pairings and characters, so maybe other people do to?


I need to go to bed.
To add another data point, yes, I definitely use AO3 primarily to seek out the rarer characters and pairs.

BTW, I read your stories Proper Treatment... and You're Gonna Make... again, still so funny and good on third/fourth re-read. :D