bones: can fix that


Remix is done. Completely, totally, no-more-editing done. That means I am free to stalk the Star Trek 2009 page at Remix and try to decide which one is mine. There is a Star Trek/Firefly story involving Kaylee, so someone could have remixed Aim to Get Laid. But then, really, any of them could be mine. There's an Amanda/Sarek, a Winona/George, a Gaila/Uhura, and a Spock/Uhura, and I've written all those pairings. As for the one I wrote? Probably pretty easily identifiable. Sometimes when you know characters really well, they invite themselves into stories that have nothing to do with them at all...

In other news, today's lesson in home ownership: doors may not open from the outside, even if they are unlocked.

I really need to get to work on my where_no_woman prompt. Not that I have any ideas for the really complicated story I want to tell.