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Recs: 2 HP, 3 Star Trek, 1 Torchwood, 1 Buffy, 1 BSG

Battlestar Galactica
Raise Your Glass by kahesha (vid)
Vids are not usually my thing, but this one is a fabulous tribute to everything that was great about BSG. The action fits the lyrics perfectly, and there are lots of shiny moments for the ladies, especially Kara. Bonus points for making fun of angsty!Adama.

chosen ladies (537 words) by faviconverity
Sunnydale is abandoned, the house is overrun with Potentials, and the apocalypse is nigh...and Willow still wants to celebrate Passover. Obtaining the supplies for a proper celebration isn't easy, but the Scooby gang rise to the task. The story contains bonus recipes in the header of each installment. Link goes to part one of three.

Harry Potter
The Interview by flying_carpet - Pansy Parkinson, Ginny Weasley
After the war, Pansy Parkinson owns a small shop, regrets what she did, and she's getting screwed over by people who aren't happy she renounced the old ways. Of course, she isn't going down without a fight, and Ginny Weasley is going to help her get revenge.

To Dwell Upon Dreams by musamihi - Snape, Dumbledore, background Lily/Snape
Stories about drug abuse normally don't do it for me. In fact, I'm so opposed to them that I immediately closed the window when I realized that this story was about Snape abusing drugs to dream about Lily. Yet, the opening was so well-written that it haunted me for a whole two weeks until I came back to read the whole thing. I'm glad I did. Snape, in his twenties and relatively new to Hogwarts, uses his knowledge of potions to craft a dangerous concoction that will sharpen his memories of Lily. When he passes out at the breakfast table, Dumbledore forces him to detox. A story like this could go wrong in a lot of ways, but the author handles it with such depth and nuance that I've added it to my personal canon. Worth a try even if the subject matter doesn't fit your usual reading preferences.

Star Trek
The Honor of Lady by anodyna - Gaila/Scotty (R)
Scotty awakens to Gaila to find Gaila in his room wearing nothing but a purple bra and a kilt. Gaila is sexy and fun (as always), and Scotty is both sweet and determined.

Lay My Loves Upon the Shore by echoinautumn - Chekov
A brief, lyrical look at Pavel Chekov's three great loves: his homeland, his family, and the stars.

Kinswomen (1450 words) by faviconMedie - Amanda, T'Pring, background Spock/T'Pring
I have always wondered about Amanda's feelings on Spock's young betrothal, and this story takes the intriguing premise that she and T'Pring became quite close. This is a brief, sharp look at two women negotiating a genuine friendship in a very complicated situation.

Seven Conversations about Love by golden_d - Jack, Toshiko
A series of tiny vignettes set at different points in the series, each of which -- as you probably guessed from the title -- feature Jack and Tosh talking about love. Jack and Tosh's slightly awkward but very real friendship is well-crafted, and I loved the insights into how Jack's unusual life has shaped his attitude toward love.
Oooh, very cool T'Pring story! Thank you for linking, I'd have missed it otherwise but enjoyed it greatly. :D
Addenda: Watched the vid. Great fun! It appears that BSG has many hot ladies. *cough*

Thanks for the HP recs, too.