hp: ravenclaws are vulcans

Checking in

I claimed a prompt at the hp_diversity mini-fest: Parvati, the search for good vegetarian cuisine in the wizarding world. It is due inconveniently between my remix and the WNW Mother's Day fest, but who am I to turn down a food prompt? And the minimum is only 300 words. It is funny to think I would ever write only 300 words about food.

Remix is stalled. I love the beginning of it, but the story is such that it could easily devolve into crack, and I don't want that. Also, I have no idea what the emotional climax of the story is. I should probably just dig in and start writing instead of allowing my fears to hold me back.

Also, I have a random Gaila story almost finished. It's about how her upbringing gives her a very different attitude toward death and grief than most of her fellow cadets, and it is a Gaila/Spock BFF story. I have missed writing them together! Hopefully I can finish it this weekend and post whenever I get internet next.

What have you guys been up to?
I moved! From FL to TN. I'm now living with .

It's nice, although I still have to find a job. And I joined a new landcommunity that seemed nice and shiny and is now dull and rusty :( It's a sad thing, because I keep hopping from comm to comm after a phase or so in them because I keep comparing them to jjverse and they're all wanting.

I'm also working on several fics, mainly my big bang fic for the landcomm and my help japan fic. And then I have a sequel to my dragonriders of pern/stxi fusion to write, and then a few fics to finish, and then maybe a real big bang. >_>
We're probably 95% finished with "Riverside," a Winona/One piece that I started for the Green Beer and Kisses fest and haven't finished because it got long. I didn't expect shinychimera to be interested (femslash isn't really her thing, which is NBD) but she was and so we've worked on it together.

Strangely (for me), I have the last line of my WNW Mother's Day fic written, but I have no idea what's going to come before it: whether I should focus on the letter itself, whether I should focus on Winona in space writing it (or on earth writing it), whether I should focus on Jim receiving and reading it (and thinking about Winona), and of course I had a little teasing thought about Winona being presumed to be lost among the ships at -- or possibly the population of -- Vulcan and Jim getting the letter because of that...I'm a little worried that choosing on the child's POV in this case might risk eliminating the focus on Winona (I mean, I'm skilled enough to do it, I'm sure, but).

TL;DR: Upcoming Win/One and AIUGH for WNW Mother's Day. :)
I need to finish up my two WNW fics and make a good start on my trekreversebang fic. Then whatever I get prompted for help_japan, though that will be cowritten and therefore hopefully easier.

And I decided in the last week that what fandom really needs is (another?) femslash comm, so I'm in the process of setting that up.
You know what I've been up to. ;-)

Delicious food story prompt! I'm also greatly looking forward to the Gaila-Spock BFF story, love the way you write them. :D
Oooh, that sounds like a cool prompt! And yay for Gaila fic! I am working like a mad woman and utterly exhausted after 6 looooong days of flying. And floundering on trying to keep my Ship Olympics team operating. Ugh, I'm a horrid captain. *hides*

On a good note though, your Spring time gen gift was posted! :) Enjoy your pretty! ♥