bones: keep calm


I am alive! I closed on my house about a week and a half ago, spent one weekend yanking out icky green carpet, and a long week of shifting possessions out of my apartment and into the new place. I never knew there could be a home-related task more urgent than the establishment of internet services, but apparently there are lots and lots of them so it will probably be awhile before I am online regularly again. Which does not mean I do not miss you all and do not feel a bit lonely without you. BRB in a week, maybe?
*waves* Hi! We'll be here when your lovely new home is all set up. :)
Best of luck to you and we'll still be here when you get back online. :D
yaay! new house! I went through all that back in December. Still not all the way moved in yet- but I'm getting there...
happy to hear everything's going okay for you! congrats and good luck with finishing all the home-related tasks! :)