Fandom things to do

It's claim time at where_no_woman's Mother's Day Fest. There are 107 prompts spanning all Star Trek franchises, and posting dates are available between May 1 and May 15. The minimum is only 1,000 words. I took my own prompt, for which I already have a long-neglected WIP: while enslaved by the Syndicate, Gaila had a daughter who was taken away from her, sold into slavery, or otherwise lost. Leaving a prompt specifically so that you can claim it and motivate yourself to finish your story is probably some kind of cheating...

Of course, it goes without saying that I hope you will all sign up for the Mother's Day Fest, but if you are more into prompting than claiming, you could visit queer_fest, the replacement for the now-defunct LGBT fest. They are taking prompts until March 30. This is what I left so far:

Star Trek XI, Leonard McCoy and Nyota Uhura - Both McCoy and Uhura realized they were gay after serious relationships with a member of the opposite sex. How do they support each other in understanding their sexuality and/or coming out?

Star Trek XI, Pavel Chekov - the future is a much more accepting place, but being with a man for the first time is still a little scary.

Star Trek XI, any characters - what is gay culture like in the 23rd century?

Harry Potter, Remus Lupin - after months of rumors, Lupin finally decides to tell his students the truth: he's queer.

I also started my springtime_gen story after weeks of flailing around for a suitable, not-too-complicated idea. Now I just need to write about 2000 more words while also recovering from wisdom tooth extraction, packing my apartment, attending my sister's bachelorette party in another city, and closing on a house. I can do this, right?