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I just signed up for remix. This was probably a really stupid idea since I still have springtime_gen to finish, plus the small matter of closing on a house, but remix is the one fest I refuse to not participate in. I compromised by only offering to write in Star Trek fandom though. I've gotten myself in trouble with past exchanges by offering fandoms that I don't often write, and then not being able to produce stories when I'm on a deadline and don't have the flexibility to write exactly what I want.

If you haven't done remix before, it's a lot of fun because it isn't specifically a gift exchange. Instead, you are matched on fandom and you get to do whatever you want with another author's story. To sign up, you need to have at least five stories of over 500 words or at least 7 stories less than 500 words in at least one of the fandoms on the qualifying fandom list. Star Trek Reboot, Torchwood, HP, BSG, and most of the other fandoms my flist subscribes to are all on the list.

Come sign up if you haven't already!
I have thrown myself trustingly into the arms of fate!

*forces self not to worry about what people might do to my stories or who I might be assigned*
I don't really worry about what people do to my stories because I figure I've already done with them what I like, but I do worry a lot about who I will be assigned, especially considering that Star Trek is such a slash-heavy fandom. Last year, I was assigned someone who only wrote Spock/McCoy fics, but I managed to find one teeny drabble I could work with. This year, I fear I might not be so lucky...
I don't really worry about what people do to my stories because I figure I've already done with them what I like

That's because you're more sensible than I am. I think I would pout if, say, "False Friends" were rewritten to be slut shaming.

Needless to say, good luck. *wry smile* I hope you get someone who writes lots of differerent assorted pairings in varied genres!
You're right - that would definitely suck if someone rewrote your story that way. I rather hated the way someone remixed "Whore" ages ago. It definitely taught me to designate a safe story, which I didn't do the first time around. This year, I protected "Just Like a Waving Flag" over the one where One gets an abortion, and I'm just trusting no one will fixate on that tiny drabble and turn it into an anti-abortion tirade...

No one has actually ever written an offensive remix for me though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of us.
I'm tempted, but the timing is bad, what with the house (no news yet) and whatnot. But it looks like so much fun!