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A meme

Here is a meme while I frantically try to finish up my purimgifts story tonight...

Ask me about a pairing (or character) I have written (or haven't and you think I should write) and I will give you five facts about them or a ficlet or a song that is CLEARLY THEIR SONG or what they order from the Chinese place down the street, etc, etc.

Also, I posted things at a kind of awkward time last night!

The Hero of Her Own Story - Lucius/Narcissa, 3000ish words
Every good villain is the hero of her own story. The day after the first fall of the Dark Lord, Narcissa schemes to protect the family honor and keep her husband out of Azkaban.

I also posted nine recs from Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Torchwood fandoms.

*runs back into frame* Trek_News noted your recs, btw. :)

*runs back out, pursued by little children*

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Hm, let's see... Facts about Gaila that I have not yet written down anywhere...

How about this one? I think she and Uhura bonded for the first time over their love of insanely hot food. In fact, they spent one spring break traveling all over the world together, eating the spiciest food that they could find. Eventually, Sulu got in on it too, which is scenario #132 in my list of ways Gaila and Sulu might have gotten together.
I can absolutively believe this happened. One day I may write a ficlet about their foodieventures. :)
Luna/Harry is one of my OTPs. I think that Luna has lost a lot, and she's very wise because of it, so she can both empathize with Harry and help him deal with his grief. It would be a long courtship though. I think it would take Harry awhile to get to know who Luna is beneath all her eccentricities, and longer still for him to realize how he felt about her. Luna, of course, would have seen the relationship coming from very far away, but she would be okay with waiting patiently for Harry to catch up with her.
I find these thoughts about Luna/Harry agreeable. :)

I also think that Luna is a very lucky child in the Potter!Verse in that she has never once doubted her father's love for her, and that gives her confidence, as well.
I've always thought of Rita as a bit of a social climber. I don't think she grew up poor, but she probably grew up on the lower end of middle class, and to her, that life seemed very ordinary. I'm not sure whether her parents were kind of dull or whether her mother was a social climber who never managed to rise in society and thus transferred her ambition to her daughter.
I think their relationship is very casual, much more of a friends with benefits thing than a romance. Probably they don't hook up all that much either because Uhura would find Gaila too overwhelming in large doses. Instead, they hook up when Uhura really, really needs to unwind.
Hehe, this is exactly how I tend to see them. :D Gaila is such a fun character because she makes many different relationships possible with her easygoing nature.