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Recs: 4 Harry Potter, 4 Star Trek, 1 Torchwood

Harry Potter
And For Some, Life is Only Ordinary (or, why Petunia chose Vernon) by luvscharlie - Sirius/Petunia, Vernon/Petunia, James/Lily, R
I love this story so much that articulating my appreciation for it is actually a bit difficult. It is the story of how being the ordinary sister shapes Petunia's life, and it is told with great empathy. While first person narration usually puts me off, Petunia's voice here is absolutely perfect, and also necessary to understanding the complex forces of love, envy, and insecurity that govern her relationship with Lily. Both sisters here are flawed, but in a human way rather than an unlikeable one. I particularly liked how I could see that Petunia was misinterpreting some of Lily's behavior, but that Lily's attitude supplied just enough reason for Petunia to doubt her motives. I think this story will resonate with any woman who has ever felt ordinary, ugly, or ignored in their family, their relationship, or their school.

A Letter to My Dead Brother by mostly_maybe - George & Fred Weasley, gen
Late at night and a little sloshed, George writes a letter to his dead twin. I loved George's jumbled stream-of-consciousness, and the every day details of how his life has changed since Fred's death have stuck with me for a long time.

Like Any Other Night by rose71 - Remus/Sirius, James, Peter
Remus comes out as bisexual to his friends. They brilliant thing is that they accept it immediately; the difficult thing is that they don't really seem to get what he's saying. At all. I read this story with tremendous empathy, and also tremendous glee. It is exactly the kind of slash story I have been longing for -- one that recognizes that being queer does entail some challenges, even if those challenges are as simple as explaining yourself to your friends.

Some Kind of Nothingness by a_shadow_there - Narcissa Malfoy/Vittoria Zabini, R
An anxiety-ridden Narcissa takes comfort in an old friend after Draco takes the Dark Mark. This is a very human portrait of Narcissa that doesn't shy away from her part in the war but shows us that she knows it's tearing apart her life.

Star Trek
Cold Shot by circ_bamboo - Pike/One, Phil Boyce
The author's summary here is just to good not to repeat: One shoots Pike. On purpose. Phil Boyce has to fix it. If that doesn't make you want to read, then what will? Perhaps circ_bamboo's portrayal of One's strength and vulnerability, and her excellent voice for Dr. Boyce, who in my opinion is a tragically underappreciated character.

Sisters by taraljc - Gaila & Uhura, gen
When Uhura's sisters visit the Academy, Gaila declines their invitation to a girl's night out. taraljc takes this very simple scenario and weaves it into a resonant back story for Gaila and a touching portrait of her friendship with Uhura.

How She Celebrates Valentine's Day by yeomanrand Gaila, gen
In just 303 well-chosen words, yeomanrand creates a perfect outsider's view of Valentine's Day.

Untitled Gaila/Uhura Art by goss on DW - Gaila/Uhura, R
A beautiful color rendition of Gaila and Uhura stretched out in bed after an intimate moment. (NSFW)

Good Boy, Brave Boy by heddychaa - Ianto/Lisa, Jack, rated R
Torchwood fandom is overflowing with post-Cyberwoman stories, but this one stands out for a unique (if not entirely happy) perspective on Lisa and Ianto's relationship as well as its recognition of many difficult truths. heddychaa perfectly demonstrates that Jack can be almost inhumanly uncaring but that this is necessary to do his job, and that Ianto's attempt to save his girlfriend's life benefited himself far more than her.
*blushes* Thanks for the rec, bb. I've garnered a few kudos from it, I think.