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Hello! I am still alive!

Allow me to explain how crazy life is right now:

3 weeks ago, I went to Boston with a group of students.

2 weeks ago, I started applying for mortgages and acquiring real estate agents.

Sunday, I looked at houses for the first time.

Monday, I put in an offer for a house and it was accepted.

March 31, I am closing on said house.

In other words, I might not be around here a lot in the next few weeks, though I do intend to keep up with my fest obligations. Drop me a comment to tell me what's going on with you!
Oh, my goodness. We're doing the same thing--visited houses for the first time last Wed, put in an offer that evening, got it accepted (halfway) on Thursday, went to get more papers on the mortgage on Monday, and are currently in Waiting Limbo. Yay houses!
I always found it ironic that those are called short sales when they seem to take a very, very long time...
I am assuming that house also means a move and associated flailing, but more importantly it means that you will have a kitchen and you will, upon emergence from the flailing, share pictures of the kitchen with us?


Yes! The kitchen is way, way bigger than what I have now and has tons of windows...and also blue formica countertops with an identical blue formica backsplash that extends, like, halfway up the wall. But this shall be remedied in good time!

I will probably post some pics in my personal journal soonish :)
That's amazing. I assume you have having a good person who has no interest in the sale of the house look at the house for you? (because I mean, getting in and then finding out you have a serious mold in the walls issue or something would be so, so uncool.)
Wow, that's a lot for a few weeks! Congrats on the house, I hope the closing will go smoothly and it'll be everything you want in a home.
eee! congrats!!!! Buying a house is one of the most insanely stressful things ever, but it's also amazing :D Good luck and remember to breathe. :)
Thank you! I was totally not expecting to find something so fast, but I have no objection to escaping early from my shitty apartment.
I was wondering where you'd wandered off too, but I am often consumed by the real world too, so I assumed you had been too! A HOUSE! That's so exciting and a little terrifying and mostly just really exciting! I'm so happy for you!

You're still doing springtime_gen, yeah? I'm working on my story, which is coming along reasonably well when I actually sit down to work on it, which is less often that I should.

Also, much time being sucked into Ship Olympics, where I have ended up Captain of Team Gaila. How did this happen? Idek, but it's really fun, albeit a bit stressy and twitch-making at times.

Hope all is going well and that the house buying goes smoothly!
Yes, I am still doing spring time gen. I hope. *gulp* The story is due the day after I close on the house, so I need to get started on it ASAP.

I am so glad I resisted the temptation to join ship olympics since I have this whole house thing going on. I know you will do a fabulous job representing Gaila though!
Congrats on the house! It's a big job, but a wonderful goal. Good luck!
Thank you! I will probably be sharing pics in my personal journal only - PM me if you want the user name.
I hope it worked out for you this time around! I cannot imagine so many months of ongoing stress!