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Day 7: A Female Character Who Deserves More Screen Time

Uh, wouldn't that be all of them?

Uhura - Star Trek: The Original Series

When someone says the word "fierce," TOS Uhura is where my mind automatically goes -- thanks to the approximately two scenes the writers of the series deigned to allow her to shine. In "Space Seed," the one where Khan hijacks the Enterprise, Uhura refuses to follow his orders and gets slapped across the face. She takes it because she doesn't have a choice, but the sheer fury in her eyes terrified me even from my TV screen. And did you see her abs in "Mirror, Mirror?" That woman had muscles and curves, and she knew how to work them both -- not to mention wield a dagger to threaten her enemies. Nichelle Nichols knew how precious each and every one of her seconds on screen was, and she made the absolute most of them that she could. It's a damned shame she so rarely got to do more than say, "open hailing frequencies."
So much agreement with this. Even though Zoe got much more screen time in XI I still hope we get to see her kicking more ass next movie (since most of her major scenes were with Spock -- which is great but still... more ass kicking please).
My secret (okay not really secret at all) hope is that they'll give Nichelle a cameo on XII, because the thought of her as grandma awesome Uhura wink wink makes me flail around with glee.
Hell to the yeah. It's heartbreaking, reading about how much some of the writers wanted to develop her character, only to have their ideas shot down. GRRRR. (That's one of the reasons I was so. damn. thrilled with reboot!Uhura, even though I wish she'd been given still more to do. It seemed like a "Take that!" to the studio execs of the 60s.)

Nichelle Nichols is an intelligent, breathtaking woman, and she imbued the role with such warmth and poise.
Ooh! I hadn't read about any of that. I wonder if some of those writers' story ideas would make a good ficathon...
gadgetorious and I were talking a while back about doing a ficathon for scrapped Star Trek plots. (I found a bunch on Memory Alpha.) I mean, that's where Joanna came from.

Most of them are extremely vague, though apparently De Kelley put forward this idea about a story focused on him and Uhura, trapped on a racist planet or something. And I think DC Fontana had had some ideas for expanding Uhura's character that never saw the light of day. At least, I think Nichols touched on that in her autobiography.
TOS Uhura was simply awesome in every way. The other two scenes I absolutely adore her in are when she sings in geez, I THINK either Charlie X or one of the other early early eps. And also when she sings for Kevin Riley in The Conscience of the King, which is one of my favorite all around eps of all time. Original Uhura was so sassy, but also very feminine. I like Zoe, and I get why Uhura was characterized the way she was for the reboot, but I much prefer the friendly, noncombative relationship original Uhura and Kirk have.
Hm. That is a good point about her relationship with Kirk. I liked that they created a situation where he couldn't get the girl, but it would be fun to see them as friends. Maybe in the next movie.
I'm not a Trekkie, but I keep hearing about Uhura and how awesome she is via fannish osmosis. Can I just say...she is rockin' those abs. And I love to see women with weapons *g*
Yay! I'm glad that Uhura's awesome is such that it can proliferate to other fandoms. Sometimes there is a lot of wank about her :(
I'm enjoying your female character series! Uhura was a fave of mine from way back. I always thought she was so lovely and unafraid-- don't forget her BAMF moment in "Naked Time" when Kirk yells at her to shut Riley up and she snaps, "If I could have, don't you think---" And Kirk just looks at her and smiles his apology. Nice moment.

> Uh, wouldn't that be all of them?

Ooh! I'll have to rewatch because I can't remember that moment at all.

I'm glad you're enjoying the meme. Maybe you should do it too :)
100% agree with this assessment. I so admired Uhura for her calm professionalism in TOS. Even in those moments when she'd have to do the obligatory "I'm scared, Captain" (Guardian at the Edge of Forever, Mirror Mirror, Plato's Stepchildren), she still projected that centered confidence that let the audience know that no matter what, she was going to be a pro and do the job that needed to be done. Loved her so much in this role.

People talk a lot about role models, but she truly was one of the first women I ever saw on screen that did the same job as the men with the same confidence and savvy as them, and without the silly feminine wiles of the 60's era.