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Day 6: Favorite Female-Driven Show

Sex and the City

Sex and the City was not a perfect show. I wondered sometimes if the creators ever considered a few wholly "gen" episodes just to demonstrate these women's lives revolved around something other than men. Yet, I also loved that the show wasn't afraid to say that relationships mattered, even to smart, successful, and talented women. Better yet, it acknowledged that relationships were thorny and complicated; even when you had a good, loving one, it took effort and energy to keep it together. Some of the episodes have stuck with me since my college days, like the one when Carrie ends up with an unflattering photo on a magazine cover and almost hooks up with a guy just to feel better about herself. Then she said, "I realized that would be first time I slept with someone just to validate myself," and got out of his car. I filed that way for myself: that I could have sex with as many people as I wanted, but I shouldn't do it just to boost my self-esteem. That same episode explained to me the danger of faking orgasms, and I filed that one away for future reference too -- no matter how much it annoyed the stupid, vapid boyfriend I had in Japan who would have been happy just to pretend he was good in bed, if only I had gone along with it. So, if Sex and the City wasn't perfect, it was formative for a twenty-year-old girl living on her own in New York City. What I liked about it was that everyone who watched could find herself in one of the characters, and somehow you left each episode feeling less alone with your own relationship dilemmas. I think that is good TV.
I'm afraid the only one I clearly remember is the one where Samantha ends up babysitting and using her new vibrator to "fix" the chair.
Sex and the City has one of my all time favourite endings for a series ever.
I love Sex and the City and I make no apologies for that. :)

It was a fun show and for all its flaws, it was sex-positive, and emphasized the importance of female friendship. I'm on board with that.
It's funny how I feel a little defensive with this meme sometimes even though no one has said anything remotely critical of my choices. I have this internal feminist censor that makes me want to justify whether the shows are sufficiently free of gender fail for me to like them. But you're right, I shouldn't apologize for liking Sex and the City!
If women had the place in society men do, Sex in the City would get about a thousand percent less mockery.
I loved this show. I'll always associate it with my two best friends from college -- we watched the entire series together on DVD our senior year. It was interesting to see how my feelings about the different characters changed as the series went along. Miranda was always my favorite, and definitely the most like me...but I loved Samantha's breast cancer storyline and relationship with Smith. Ahh. *pretends the movies didn't exist*
I watched it with my college friends too. Every time I see an episode, I can remember our little dorm kitchen. I always identified with Miranda the most strongly too.
Just wanted to pop in to say that I don't know most of the women and characters you're talking about, but I'm really loving this meme and always get a lot out of your answers.
Yay! I have been enjoying reading others' answers too; it's what made me decide to do this meme for myself. I'm glad you're enjoying reading!