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Day Five: Favorite Female Character on a Male-Driven Show

Carla - Top Chef

These days, I pretty much refuse to watch shows that would be described as male-driven, which means I don't watch much TV. That's why I had to resort to the realm of reality TV for today's meme answer. Carla isn't a character, she's a real person, one of the three remaining female contestants on Top Chef All Stars. Chefdom is a rather male-centric profession, and the cast of the show and the list of winners reflects that. And Carla is definitely the underdog. She's not loud or brash, she gets harried in the kitchen, and a lot of the contestants look down on her simple food and over-the-top mannerisms. The first time she was on Top Chef, she cooked an amazing dish but decided to put meat on it at the last moment because she thought the judges wouldn't like her simple vegetables. She landed in the bottom, and the judges told her that if she'd been brave enough to make the dish her way, she probably would have won the challenge instead. From then on, she chose to cook her food and won a spot in the final round...where she once again became convinced that her homespun comfort food just wasn't good enough. She admitted that she failed herself by choosing not to be herself, and now she's back for a second season, not just to win but to be who she is.

Also of note: boosette has uploaded the live action Chinese Mulan film for our viewing pleasure.
I love Carla! She is so my fav to win this season and it was so nice to watch her in the most recent ep where Jimmy Falon was the guest judge. She definitely should have won her season (I really disliked the guy who won since he spent so much time bitching about the other guy in the final three).
Yup, I will be looking elsewhere for this day, too. I don't watch shows the shows that are boy parties. It's at least partly why I never got into Angel, after Buffy. All these idealized dudes for the RL dudes to admire and the ladies to cuddle... not interested.

Thanks for the movie link!