30 Days of Female Characters: Day Three - Favorite Female Character from a Canon You Gave Up On

Susan Ivanova - Babylon 5

When I was younger, I was always looking for female characters who represented the woman I thought I could be. That woman wasn't necessarily beautiful, and she wasn't necessarily popular with men, but she was blunt, honest, and in charge -- and she was probably a little baffled by emotions. Susan Ivanova fit that mold. She had all the characteristics I loved in male characters, except in a body that looked like mine. Babylon 5 and I parted ways when I got to high school and my favorite characters left the show, but I do still love Susan.
I'm not sure B5 is worth your time, honestly. I tried rewatching it, and some if it is laughably bad. Allegedly later seasons get better, but I decided to leave my warm, glow-y memories intact rather than ruining them with my critical adult eyes.

And yay! You uploaded it! I will post a link when it is not the weekend and more people are around.
The first season of Bab 5 is laughably bad -- the actor who plays Sinclair was made of wood, and some of the pieces of the package (editing, sets, etc) were not really up to snuff, though they were true pioneers of convincing (for the day) and cost-effective computer graphics in television.

But there are hints of the good things to come in the characters and the writing, and a lot of important story points appear along the way.

Second season is a slow burn to awesome, and the third and fourth are some of the most epic TV I ever remember getting caught up in. The fifth and last season didn't quite live up to the previous two, but had its moments as well.


But Ivanova IS God:


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Thank you for those clips! Both were from further in the series than I originally watched, and it was fun to get to see the ladies be all bad-ass.
I only watched (well, mainlined) B5 last year, and I liked it a lot. Of course the way I watch means I was sleep deprived a lot, so take that to mean what you like...
I did remember watching an ep or two of season one and not being entirely convinced and therefore started watching at season 2, which is totally doable. Of course when I later went back, I discovered that I must actually have watched (at least parts of) at least 4 episodes, if not more, this has happened to me before (with New Who), so I now I'm a little concerned about my memory?

(Also, I had actually watched Crusade (the cancelled spinoff) years before, because it was only a few eps). That one IS bad, a lot of it screwed by the network, but not all, but it did have some tropes that made it watchable for me (I'm a sucker that way.) But I wouldn't recommend it.)

So, to sum it up:
If you don't want to be put off by a bit tedious early eps, I'd recommend starting at season 1 ep 18. That way you get a bit of Sinclair and some set up. And then watching the beginning of season one after season 4 (if you get that far, it might simply not be for you), because once you've fallen in love with the characters, it's more bearable. (Season 5 is optional. There was no way I was skipping it, because I'm that way, and it's not entirely unwatchable and I wouldn't want to miss it, just for some of the character development, but most of the plots aren't that great.)

But Susan and Delenn are LOVE! (I liked Lyta and Talia too and Na'Toth and others.)
That's good to know! I originally watched the series at a time when I consumed all sci-fi ever and thought it was awesome, so when I re-watched as an adult and saw how bad some of the first season was, I assumed the whole series was that way. Maybe I just need to re-start from a bit later in the series though. That's an encouraging thought!
Well, the storytelling doesn't totally change, but it does come together a bit better overall. So, if you've just grown into a person that finds the particular problems the show has unacceptable, then you won't enjoy it anymore, but if it's just the choppyness (or whatever, for lack of a batter term) then you might still like the later eps. (Though one reviewer has pointed out that in points of considering more (moral) standpoints valuable/right, the show actually declines in season 4, which I can't really dispute, even though storytelling wise, season 4 might be the best, or at least tightest, which isn't surprising, sonsidering it was meant to be two seasons.)I'm just a sucker for some of the stuff they did on the show, even though I can also recognize some issues.

So, basically ymmv (your milage may vary).
Boom. There will always be a boom. if not today, then tomorrow.

FWIW: I'm a Michael Garibaldi kinda gal.
There are two current reviews of the series. One's for all the seasons here:
And one is an ongoing rewatch here:

In case you care, you might not.

Susan is awesome however, not matter what one thinks of the overall series! I have not yet found somebody who disagreed and I do not think that that would be possible anyways, because what reason would there be to not recognize her awesomeness?