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30 Days of Female Characters: Day Two - Favorite Female Supporting Character

Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I never understood why people said that Anya was the ditzy replacement for Cordelia. Nothing about Anya was stupid at all; she was a woman entering a new life as a human being, and the intricacies of friendship and love baffled her. She wasn't afraid to ask questions about the things that humans took for granted. In fact, she was never afraid to say anything. That was why I loved her so much. Part of what made her such a poignant character was that even when she was asking questions that annoyed other people, her confusion was genuine. She really didn't understand human relationships, and just like me, she desperately wanted to. The only difference between us was that Anya went ahead and asked while I longed to live in a more honest and frank world. Plus, Anya was funny. Maybe not always intentionally funny, but absolutely hilarious nonetheless. It was her sincerity that made her so funny, I think. She was just saying what was on her mind, and since she wasn't from this world, she didn't how hilarious she was. Also, she taught me that excessive literalism is never not hilarious. Thank you, Anya, for my first lesson in writing comedy, even though I don't use it all that much any more.

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I love Anya. She brought an interesting, outsider viewpoint, a nice contrast to Willow and Xander, and yes, she was very funny.
I loved her, and especially because often when she asked questions about thing that seemed strange to her people actually couldn't give her a straight answer or were embarrassed about it, because it made them realise that sometimes humans have really stupid rituals and hang-ups.
Oh my gosh, I LOVE Anya! She was so hilarious and so genuine and so refreshing. I always loved her dialogue with Spike, because they were both such straight shooters. Their drunken commiserating in Entropy was one of my favorites. I miss her! *wishes she had her BtVS dvds right now*