So leupagus and traveller are having Promptfest '11, wherein they prompt you to write about awesome women who may or may not be OCs and who may or may not be Mary Sues, depending on your precise definition of a Mary Sue. It's going on over here, and here's my submission!

(hahaha, sorry; apparently the last thing I c/p'd was my author notes on the last story I posted)
Re: I was moving old unfinished fics about...
This story is absolutely splendid and riveting. I was supposed to do other things with that time, but reading this was more worth it.
Re: I was moving old unfinished fics about...
OMG this is awesome! It looks quite nicely finished to me. Do you have any plans to post it?

Mol"li*tude\, n. [L. mollitudo, fr. mollis soft.] Softness; effeminacy; weakness. [R.]
I feel like that should be the title of a story in which Molly Weasley demonstrates that softness and femininity are not synonymous with weakness.

Actually, I was thinking about you, and your awesome abilities to bring light to lesser-known female characters, and about you writing HP (which I think is so brilliant, btw). Then I started thinking about how I want to write a fic about Molly Weasley and Narcissa Malfoy and Bella's grave. Since Molly killed her and all, and it's not like anyone ever talks about how Molly is a murderer now :\
People who demand absolute obedience to and literal interpretation of a document they have not read and do not understand, such as the Constitution or the Bible

I dunno.
Dear Spartacus - Gods of the Arena. Please to have more dudes making out and also Lucy Lawless getting it with that chick. GET IT.

Well. This is awkward.
Re: warning: depressing
Wow, that is just deeply, deeply depressing. I don't even know what to say.
9 Sanborn Court <-- the address of the amazing restaraunt I went to last night.
Ooh! I will look it up since we are taking our debate team to compete at a tournament in Boston, and I have been handed the happy job of finding delicious things for them to eat.
That place was lovely but rather too expensive to feed the debate club at, I think. May I point my roommate to your post so he can recommend some restaraunts to you?
I looked at the menu there, and the 3 course one wouldn't be out of our price range for the one nice meal the kids want to have, but I'd love your roommate's recommendations! We need to work out several days worth of meals.
My current favorite restaraunt is Jasper White's Summer Shack, which is huge, seafood-intensive but not just seafood, not too pricy and twenty million times better than Legal Seafood. I'll send my roommate over to give you a bunch more recommendations. :D
Username: katmarajade
E-mail: katmarajade AT aol DOT com
Will you be giving fic or art? fic
Would you prefer to receive fic or art (though we can't guarantee art)? fic

For the gift you'll receive:
3-5 preferred characters: Dean, Percy, Lavender, George, Ginny, Neville, Millicent. I also enjoy seeing most any of the minor (not total throwaway) characters from Harry's school years (any House) get fleshed out.
Characters you don't want in your gift: Death Eaters, Trio as the focus (fine as periphery characters), Marauders, annoying or cutesy small children
Preferred genres, prompts or scenarios you'd like to see in your gift: I love interesting, flawed, imperfect characters that I can relate to and learning more about characters that we don't know a lot about from canon. I love witty dialogue, characters that curse and swear creatively and often, banter, humor, crushes, and hopeful endings. I like fics that give unlikable characters (Percy, Lavender, Marietta, etc.) from canon a fair shake and show their point of view. I'm fascinated by what was going on with others during DH, so Dean Thomas on the run, Dumbledore's Army back at Hogwarts, Percy during/after his separation with his family, etc. I'm also intrigued by post-DH stuff, especially Lavender (coping with her scars) or George. And these are obviously all just suggestions—if another minor character jumps out at you and wants his/her story told, I'd be thrilled with that too.
Genres, scenarios etc. you don't want to see in your gift: horrible, depressing endings; excessive descriptions of blood and gore; major character bashing of any character, kid!fic; super dark!fic; homophobia; fairy tale perfect relationships; infidelity.

For the gift you'll create:
Characters you'd rather not write/draw: Death Eaters, Marauders, Professors, Trio (I'm willing to write any character who went to school with Harry except the Trio itself or Draco)
Genres, scenarios and anything else you'd rather not write/draw: dark!fic, kid!fic, horror, gore, mindfuckery

General Info:
Up to which rating can you legally read/view (also mention any rating preferences you may have)? I can legally view all ratings. I would prefer PG-R rating for my fic.
Any part of canon you'd rather not see included (i.e. Deathly Hallows epilogue, Tales of Beedle the Bard...): Canon is fine, but I'm not dead set on the epilogue, so feel free to alter or keep it to fit your story.
Have you read the full rules linked above? Yes
Have you participated in springtime_gen before? (if yes, and you happen to remember, mention whom you wrote/drew for): No, first timer.

LOL, sorry so long!!! I find it funny that my last c/p thing was the stuff for the fest that you poked me to sign up for! (now you can read what I asked for, hehe) I've obviously not been on my laptop much in the last few days.