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Recs: 2 Harry Potter, 6 Star Trek

Harry Potter
No Pepper-Up for the Brave by Anonymous at snapecase - Snape and Lily, gen
This piece started with what was probably a very simple prompt -- a young Snape getting a cold -- and worked it into a fascinating character exploration. Snape's endless social calculations felt very real to the character he would become, and his friendship with Lily was heartbreakingly carefree and easy. The author has a real knack for inventing magical settings too.

Every Librarian Has Her Day by marthas_library - Madame Pince, gen
Irma Pince defends her library during the Battle of Hogwarts. I love stories that show ordinary characters as capable, interesting people, and this story delivers that brilliantly. Madame Pince is impressively cunning, and steeped in interesting Hogwarts lore.

Star Trek AOS
Under a Rhyming Planet by thistlerose - Winona/George, adult
Winona and George have sex on shore leave, but this story is about so much more than that. Both characters are developed as real people, and the glimpses of Winona's back story are intriguing.

Sunshine on Leith (4078 words) by faviconRhi - Gaila-centric, with Uhura and Scotty in the background
Rhi starts with the premise that there's a year between the Battle of Vulcan and the re-launch of the Enterprise and develops that in detail from Gaila's POV. Gaila spends much of the time recovering from a serious injury, and it's obvious that the author understands that experience well. The psychological challenges are just as real as the physical ones, and the bits of Gaila's back story are very realistic.

A Trick of the Light (3511 words) by faviconshinychimera, faviconYeomanrand
Fandom: Star Trek (2009) - Jocelyn McCoy/Leonard McCoy, adult
An AU in which Jocelyn and Leonard have a happy relationship that involves bringing home lots of lovers for voyeurism and threesomes. Jocelyn's voice and characterization are nicely developed, and the story is really, really hot.

got my own hell to raise (1668 words) by faviconmardia - Winona/Uhura
A slightly shy and uncertain Cadet Uhura picks up Winona Kirk in a bar. I loved this glimpse at a younger Uhura, and the story makes this rare pairing feel very plausible.

Star Trek: DS9 and TNG
The Ache in Every Song (1972 words) by faviconThistlerose - Kira Nerys/Jadzia Dax
This little fic about Dax taking a reluctant Kira on shore leave makes me nostalgic for DS9. Both women are extremely well-characterized, but Dax's voice is particularly resonant, and the setting is absolutely incredible.

1,023 Days on Earth (1959 words) by faviconcosmic_llin - Guinan
A young Guinan crash lands on Earth. In some ways, this Guinan is so different from her adult counterpart, yet her calm self-assurance perfectly fits the woman we see on the Enterprise. In the hands of a less capable author, her adventures on Earth might strain credibility, but in this story, they feel like a natural outgrowth of her personality.

Of course, this rec post would be incomplete without another mention of the two lovely stories I received in the New Year's Exchange, The Stress-Strain Curve (3794 words) by faviconshinychimera and The Persistence of Memory (1960 words) by faviconYeomanrand. Do go read them if you haven't already!

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There's also an epic novella about Gaila and Hikaru, but I understand why you can't rec that. *grins at you* I do love how you rec stories, and I can't think of anything I've read on your rec that wasn't a success.
Aw, thank you! I do rather enjoy making rec posts (which may or may not be related to my love of making lists), and I'm glad they are useful to someone other than me.
Thank you for all teh recs. I'm particularly enjoying the HP ones which I would surely have missed if you hadn't linked. :D
I'm glad you're enjoying the HP stuff. My flist is so Star Trek dominated I was worried that no one was interested in recs for other fandoms :)
I'm always interested in recs for other fandoms. And thank you for reccing us!