A fest and the WIP meme

I signed up for springtime_gen, a gen fic fest in the Harry Potter fandom, since I am enjoying the other HP fic I am working on. I kind of wish someone else I knew would sign up though. Hint, hint...

1. deatheaterfest fic: She stepped aside to avoid a trio of slightly intoxicated wizards. They weren't looking at her, she told herself fiercely. They weren't. Narcissa Black Malfoy was not a fallen woman. Not yet.

2. The prequel to the story about Sulu's mom: It takes Hikaru nearly a whole day to figure out his mother is probably dead. It hits him suddenly back in his quarters, where he's holding a bag of frozen peas over his black eye because raiding the mess hall had seemed easier than waiting in sickbay's triage line. His mom had taught him this trick a long time ago, the last time she had a posting on a starbase and they could all live together. And then he realizes that fuck, the wreckage out there was the Farragut, and his mom is probably dead.

3. The Tosh meets Tonks fic that yeomanrand asked for: Muggles were disappearing in Cardiff. Had been for years, actually, with no predictable pattern and no trace of dark magic. The mystery riveted first years at the Auror Academy, but by their final year, the aura of danger had worn off, replaced by the reality of Cardiff's long, cold nights and indecipherable Welsh accents.

4. Star Trek/Harry Potter crossover: Hermione Granger, *insert legal title here,* cleared her throat and began the opening statement of the trial that will define her career. Five seconds later, the defendant disappeared. She, the bailiff, the Wizengamot, and even *insert name's* lawyer's stared at the empty chair he had once occupied. No trace of him remained except something small and gold glittering on the gray stone floor.

5. The Tosh story I refuse to give up on: Her hands shook; her knees quivered. Still, she ran through the rooms, shouting, "Oka-san!" in a thin, reedy voice that reminded her of dark nights when her younger self had called for comfort from nightmares.
Oh my gosh! I want to read that Sulu story! It sounds amazing. (wow, am I a broken record? I'm so predictable, seriously.)

Definitely seriously considering springtime_gen, but keep bugging me if I forget, because I'm ridiculously swamped with this move this week.
Yay! Now I will cross my fingers that you are my recipient, because you are nice, and some of the people who signed up sound kind of weird...
LOL! I picked different characters than you though, so we'll have to see. Looks like there are 20 people so far. I read through and made sure that there were at least a handful of people that I would be comfortable writing what they'd requested before I signed up. Don't worry-- I'm sure you'll get someone nice. HP fandom is a little intense sometimes, but we're really nice too. :) HP also is a lot more exchange-oriented than Trek and people are used to giving lots of info in request posts. But I shall definitely not complain if you get me again! I'd be sure to get an amazing fic. ;-)
It's not so much the volume of information as the tone of some of the requests. Maybe intense would be a good word? So matching works by assigning you to people who asked for the same characters you did? That makes sense, I guess. It's the first time I have ever signed up for an exchange without being asked which characters I was offering, so I wasn't sure how they were matching people. I will probably have to be careful with my sign-ups from now on because I tend to request characters I can't write. I think I am okay on this one though...