torchwood: two hands in love

Just when I thought Torchwood fandom and I could not get along...

Torchwood genfic! I am so excited!

1. Lisa - the events of Canary Wharf from her perspective
2. Tosh and Jack - At the end of "Adam," Tosh says she wants someone to know how special she is, and Jack answers, "I know." What is a moment where he demonstrates that?
3. What does Gwen choose to tell (or not tell) her child about her life with Torchwood?
4. Tosh is locked in the hub with something alive and hungry.

Prompts are being collecting through January 22 with claims to follow shortly thereafter. Fics are due in early March, and then there will be a big free-for-all with all the prompts.
Hooray! I'm really glad they're doing this, not least because it pleases you. :D