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I love my fandom and my comm

I love where_no_woman so much, you guys! So many fandoms have marginalized female characters, but the way ST fandom has rallied around them is so incredible. What blows me away about this exchange is how deeply people reached into past canon and tie-in novels to celebrate characters like Guinan, Jadzia Dax, and even Cait Barry. We have genfic, we have romance, we have het ships and femslash and threesomes, and even some straight-up porn. Whatever you are in the mood for reading tonight, I promise it is here in our collection.

Really, being able to come back from a miserable trip to the dentist and reading everyone's squeeful posts about the stories they received made my day. Running the fest really didn't require too much work, but even if it had, it would have been worth it to see all the stories that our authors produced. I myself was lucky enough to receive two stories, one from my original author and one from a soul who was kind enough to leave me a present even though she had not even signed up for the exchange.

The Persistence of Memory, starring Janice Rand with a side of Number One, creates a lush and vivid back story for an underused character. Her voice is beautiful and strong.

The Stress-Strain Curve is a very, very explicit McCoy/Uhura story that contains every kink that I was afraid/embarrassed to ask for on my sign-up but wrote down anyway on the off chance that someone would like to write them. The story is burning hot, but you should probably read the summary and make sure the kinks work for you before you read it.

Again, thank you to everyone who made this exchange a success!
The fic created for this exchange is amazing. I can't wait for reveals!
I've been really enjoying the stories so far--especially all the Rand. Thanks for making this fest very awesome!

I just read 2/3 or so of the stories (need to go back and give feedback). I think this is one of the best collections I have read; all are well written, and there is such a variety of themes and tone.

And thanks for asking for those kinks in the Stress-Strain Curve - an amazingly hot combination that I would never have thought to put together. I'm blown away.
I really shouldn't've stolen the time for "The Stress-Strain Curve" right now, but I am *so glad* I did. I love what Awesome Anon Author did with her hair. *beams*

And hey, you deserve a GREAT BIG HUGE pile of thanks for making this exchange happen! I love WNW, not least because it is a well-modded place, which allows it to reach its full potential. Thank you for being awesome, IGS!
I'm so glad you enjoyed your gift! I just kept coming back to the separate ideas of female anal play, bondage, and Uhura/McCoy, and once I thought of entwining her hair in the mix, there was no going back...

I was a bit fretful that maybe it was too explicit/kinky/plotless for your tastes, but my hope is that the sketched-in outlines of their loving established relationship made up for it a bit. And that her ability to trust and submit to his care showed how strong and secure I imagine her to be, rather than undermine her strength.

I have been a devotee of slash relationships/porn since my teens, and though I sometimes enjoy reading it, I've never been inspired to write explicit het fic before -- this was my first attempt and I'm so glad you seemed to enjoy it as much as I did! (My second followed quickly after, with the Jocelyn story yeomanrand and I collaborated on -- you may have started a trend...)

Anyway, I'm not certain that the story belongs in the AO3 Exchange collection -- I wanted to be certain that you received it as an anonymous gift, at the same time everyone else was receiving theirs, but let me know what you/wnw want. I have no objection at all if it should be removed from the collection (but remain a gift for you), since I wasn't signed up for the challenge.

Thanks very much for the comm, the exchange, the lovely prompts, and all your kind words!
No worries at all! I absolutely love a good PWP, and this one meant a lot to me because I had felt rather embarrassed to request some of those things, and seeing that another author was willing to write it, and that so many others were excited to read it, made me feel much better! And I totally agree that the fact Uhura was able to get to that point with McCoy made it clear what kind of relationship they had.

Please feel free to leave the work in the collection. So many people there have enjoyed it; it seems silly to take it out now!