number one: fights like a girl

Where No Woman Exchange Open

Twenty four awesome stories on AO3. I haven't had a chance to read my story yet because I am posting on the fly between an emergency trip to work and an emergency trip to the dentist, but I am staggered by the variety of characters and responses. Been longing for a story about Guinan, Kira Nerys, or Charlene Masters? You'll have more than one to choose from, plus several about our regular leading ladies like Uhura, Gaila, and Winona.

I wrote two stories, one of my original assignment and one pinch hit. I think the pairings will out me on both of them, even to the people who weren't on the filter where I talked about them endlessly.
Good luck with the emergency dentistry!

*bounces excitedly, keeping my mouth shut*
WHEEE!! So many amazing stories to read! Thank you for running such a wonderful fest! It's been lovely and blessedly low-stress.

Eeek, good luck with emergency dentist stuff. *worries*

Hehe, yes, I think I know... :) But not for sure, so I'll have to wait til reveals to see if I'm right. (but I think I am ;-) hehe)