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Converting to the dark side

My Nook arrived on Friday afternoon, fourteen days after I ordered it, and less than 24 hours after my long, dramatic phone confrontation with UPS. I love it with my whole heart. Its back is curved and slightly thicker on each side, so it perches comfortably on my leg, and it's easy to hold between my two hands. It is exactly the right size. The buttons are exactly where I need them. I can highlight and annotate. I can leave bookmarks. It remembers where I stopped reading. The screen never hurts my eyes, and it's never washed out in bright sunlight. It will be easy to organize my library, once I finally have one. In short, I love everything about it. (Well, okay, everything except the way the screen kind of flashes every time I open something new. It does it so fast that I don't even notice when I'm "turning pages," but it's a little annoying if I'm browsing the store or using other functions. But I don't use the other functions often, so it's okay.)

Mostly, I am celebrating. Good-bye to guiltily forgetting to return library books, and to having books strewn all over the floor of my tiny apartment because there is no place to put them, but they cost money, so I feel guilty about giving them away right after I read them. Good-bye to spending $14 or $16 for paper books that I will probably never read again. Good-bye to being caught without reading material because I finished my book faster than expected, or because it was heavier than I wanted to carry in my bag. Hello to reading more often because my Nook will always be with me, and because I want to play with it because it is not only a book but also a toy.

But I can't deny that this transition is a little bittersweet. My book collection -- the one I have actually curated, not the one that is scattered all over the floor -- is a carefully pruned selection of novels that carry me back to the time and place where I read them. I doubt that I will ever feel that jolt of nostalgia when I see an electronic file. I doubt, actually, that I will feel any kind of sentiment or affection for such a file at all. Most of all, I fear that I am part of the gradual demise of bookstores. Bookstores, in my strange, nomadic life, have always been my home. I went to them during my first months in New York City to feel that I belonged somewhere, and when I have been traveling, an English-language bookstore was the first place I found. Those quiet hours of browsing the shelves, pulling out books to read their summaries, picking them up and putting them back until I found exactly the right one...those were my peace and my comfort. And I wonder, ten or fifteen or twenty years from now, if bookstores will have disappeared just as thoroughly as music stores. If so, the fault will be partly mine.

I hope they are replaced by something. If maybe my beloved Borders and Barnes & Noble could become information bars where you can listen to whole songs before you download them, sample books before you buy them, maybe even check out a paper book or real CD to listen to while you sip a coffee. Or maybe we'll just all hang out at coffee shops with wireless access.

On another, less sentimental note, I refrained from naming my nook "Yeoman Rand's padd", or buying some sort of Star Trek logo to stick on the back of it. That took some self-restraint.
Just lately I thought about buying something like the Nook too because paper books? Filling my house, hard to get rid of, lots of baggage :( I love them, but it's becoming a hard love.

So I'm really happy you posted this, and I'll probably have a look at the Nook.
I love them, but it's becoming a hard love.

That is a perfect way of putting it! The Nook may be US-only, but I'm pretty sure Kindles are available from Amazon world-wide.
I just checked Kindle - husband thought it couldn't read PDF, but it obviously can. Well, I'll give it some more months and see how this year develops before spending money on anything, but I'll keep my eyes open :)
The flash is apparently the e-ink refreshing so it doesn't damage the screen from staying static too long.

Also, Old Kingdom Trilogy in PDF (I can convert it if you like, and also hook you up with any of the star trek novels except the very newest in ebook format.)
I'm not familiar with the Old Kingdom Trilogy. What is it about?

I would be interested in Vulcan's Glory if you have it. I can read .pdf and ePub files on my nook.
The Old Kingdom Trilogy is ... goodness. It's awesome, and I love it so much. It's the kind of story that's feminist because it shows actual women being actual awesome, but also being human and making mistakes, and the monsters are legitimately scary and the losses that the protagonists face and endure measure up to the scale of the stakes. Plus, the military aspects (which are small, but excellent worldbuilding) and the politik actually make actual sense. And there's science and magic coexisting side by side together and some really neat interplay with this being played straight and subverted.

They're quick, easy reads but they're also engrossing and the kind of story that IMO is rereadable, because the world and the details thereof become more lush with each subsequent reading.

(The second two books are really one really long book.)

Vulcan's Glory in epub coming right up!

I know what you mean; I love my ereader with a passion, but I adore bookshops so much. They're where I go when I'm upset or annoyed, and nothing makes me feel so good as finding a new second-hand bookshop.

Saying that, I now have a pretty big ebook library and I'm very happy to share. I have a ton of Star Trek, Torchwood and Dr Who books as well as non fiction, history and (guilty secret) romance novels.

Just let me know what you like and I'll link you to it.
What kind of ereader do you have?

Are you allowed to share your ebooks? My understanding was that only certain ones could be lent to others.
I bought my ereader very early on, so it's the older Sony version. It can handle loads of different file types - .rtf, .doc, .epub. .lit, .pdf and a few more, I think - and because I use Calibre as my ebook management system, it converts any file into one I can use. If you're not using Calibre, I heartily recommend it. It's much better than the programme that came with my Sony.

My ebooks come from torrent downloads or some of the numerous ebook sharing communities. They're very secretive, as you can imagine, so if you'd like the name of them I'll PM you.
I still can't get into the ebook thing, but this post convinced me more than any other I've read.

I refrained from naming my nook "Yeoman Rand's padd", or buying some sort of Star Trek logo to stick on the back of it.

... Why would you be so needlessly cruel to yourself?
Yeah, I was skeptical of it for a long time too. I thought it would be like trying to read a book in Microsoft Word, which sounded absolutely miserable. Then one day, I walked into B&N and just sort of broke because I was buying a book and I had no space for it, and every time I looked at ads for houses or apartments, I had to ask myself if there was space for all the books I would accumulate in the next two or five or however many years. The surprising thing is that my Nook really doesn't seem any different from reading a book. The display screen looks just like the page of a book. The only big difference that I can see is that it's easier to operate with one hand since you don't have to hold the pages open. It's a lot nicer if you are eating alone somewhere, which I do often.
I love the thought of having an ebook but I can't get past the not being able to let anyone borrow it after when you're done part of it. The Nook is awesome though since it lets you rent library books and the Kindle doesn't.

So question -- have you read fanfiction on your ereader at all yet?
Yeah, you can lend a few titles but not very many. Even though I can rarely convince my friends to read my books, the idea that the titles aren't mine to lend makes me sad.

I haven't downloaded any fic yet, though I understand AO3 supports this function. I'm not sure how much I'll be using it though; I kind of like to keep my fandom reading in a separate space from the rest of my reading.
I kind of like to keep my fandom reading in a separate space from the rest of my reading.

Yeah, that's understandable. If I got an ereader to be honest I could see myself using it more for fanfiction than actual books just 'cause I tend to buy my books used for cheap, or if I do buy them it's by an author I really like and whose books I already have some of so I want it to be part of my collection.
Welcome to the Nook club lol :) I love mine so much I have two- one of the regular ones for when I don't want a back-lit screen (easier on the eyes for marathon reading sessions) and the new color one for magazines and times when I want to read without a light. I never was happy with the little lights you could buy for the original one.

I haven't decorated my nook, but I do plan on using a few choice stickers on the covers. As for naming, one is named Spock...