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Year-end Fic Index

Have I mentioned lately that I love to make lists?

Harry Potter
Knight in Dented Armor - Draco and Luna, gen
Draco Malfoy never spoke to Luna Lovegood until she became a prisoner in the family dungeon.

Star Trek - Full Length
1. With All My Crooked Heart - Gaila and Uhura, gen
Uhura makes Gaila take a really boring literature class, and then Gaila tells her about the secret language of the slaves.

2. Pro Familia Mori - Winona/George AU
Winona Kirk was captain of the U.S.S. Kelvin for 12 minutes. She saved 800 lives.

3. Second Choice is Best Choice - Sulu, gen
Flight school wasn't Sulu's first choice.

4. The Sum of Both of Us - Spock/Uhura
The first time Spock asks her out, Uhura turns him down. Spock is forced to present a logical argument to change her mind.

5. Every Good Villain - Valeris, gen
Every good villain is the hero of her own story. On trial for the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon, Valeris tells hers.

6. Weapon of Choice - Sulu, gen
When Sulu is ten years old, he finds a sword in the attic. It's love at first sight.

7. How Winona Kirk Fell in Love, Found Her Strength, and Healed a Relationship with Bread Pudding - Winona/George, Winona, Jim Kirk
George Kirk seduced Winona with bread pudding, and the rest is history.

8. One Sexy Cave-in - Chapel/Kirk, NC-17
Being trapped in a confined space on the verge of death is inevitable when you're a Starfleet officer. Chapel makes the most of it by taking advantage of her captain.

9. There Is Joy in Repetition (But Sometimes You Have to Break Routine - Chapel and Kirk, gen
When Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are critically wounded, Chapel must defend sickbay from Romulan intruders

10. Not For the Last Time - Pike/Number One NC-17
When Pike is nearly killed on an away mission, Number One shows him how grateful she is that he's alive. In other words: shameless oral sex porn.

11. Safety in Numbers - Gaila, gen
Gaila had no idea that people in the Federation could be poor, but it turns out that some of them need her charity.

12. Just Like a Waving Flag - Sulu, gen
When Sulu was 10 years old, he and his father tried to smuggle an Orion slave girl to freedom. It's not a story he tells often. See story header for warnings.

13. Survivor -- Found - not!Gaila, gen
not!Gaila stars in a Federation public service announcement about trafficking of Orion girls.

14. Legs Her Only Weapon - Chapel, gen
For the prompt "fauxhawk nurse: musings on uniforms, what she likes and dislikes about hers or other officers" at the Intergalactic Women's Day fic fest.

15. Until You Tear It Off Me - Amanda/Sarek
Tight, cheap, tacky red dresses serve no logical purpose that Sarek can see. Amanda teaches him otherwise.

16. People Like Me - not!Gaila, gen
Leira grows up on a backwater on the edge of the Federation, one of those places the rest of the galaxy prefers not to know about.

17. Not a Standard Issue Hook-up - Gaila/Chapel, R
Christine never thought that the easiest thing about her first week in Starfleet would be hooking up with an Orion cadet in the Academy swimming pool.

18. Ten Things about Christine Chapel's Sexuality - Chapel/various, NC-17
Ten moments from Christine Chapel's sex life, from teenager to adult to Starfleet cadet

19. Dolce Et Decorum Est - Olsen's mother, gen
She hears about his death from a letter hand-delivered by a boy who looks sixteen.

20. Logic Demands You Take Off That Ridiculous Hat, Get Naked, and Come to Bed - Amanda/Sarek
When people ask how he met his wife, he says they exchanged cultural information at a diplomatic event. He does not mention that she beat him at logic (twice), or that afterward, they took off their clothes.

Star Trek - Ficlets
1. After Love - Amanda, gen
Amanda was married once before Sarek. It didn't work out.

2. Star Formation 742A - Amanda/Sarek
Very early in their relationship, Amanda and Sarek discover they have something unexpected in common.

3. Poindexter - Amanda/Sarek
Terran women do not wear as many clothes as Vulcan women. Early in his diplomatic career, Sarek has trouble adjusting.

4. A Bathtub Full of Condoms - Gaila/Sulu, Sulu's mom
Sulu's mother wants to know how Gaila met her son. Gaila tells the truth.

5. Handcuffs on the Coffee Table - Spock/Uhura, Sarek
Sometimes it's awkward when your father-in-law comes to visit. Especially if you haven't cleaned in awhile.

6. Every Time I Get Arrested - Gaila/Kirk
for the prompt "Just a heads up. Everytime I get arrested in Maine I claim I lost my ID and use your name"

7. If I Die in a Combat Zone (Give My Vibrator a Good Home) - Gaila and Uhura, gen
Gaila says good-bye to Uhura before the rescue mission to Vulcan. Warning for character death.

8. Phenomena - Gaila/Uhura, Kirk
It takes balls to approach Nyota Uhura. Gaila has them.

9. Set Fire to Her Life - Winona, gen
Winona is going home. Never mind all the giant monsters in front of the cave.

10. Her Lips Like Cherries - Amanda/Sarek
Amanda and Sarek, alone on the Fourth of July

11. Scars Like Maps - Madeline and McCoy, gen
Scars are the most valuable thing Madeline has. Too bad Starfleet doesn't understand that.

12. Care My Father, Order My Mother - Number One, gen
She comes to the Academy not as an orphaned child but as an adult who has earned her independence

13. The Servant Girl - Number One and Kirk, gen
Starfleet asks a lot of its officers. One thinks this mission may be too much.

14. Ships at a Distance - Chapel, Uhura, Gaila, Winona, gen
The Enterprise means something different to everyone.

15. Not the Desert, Not Repenting - Amanda/Sarek, R
Amanda and Sarek, alone in a moment of the night.

16. Heaven - Spock/Uhura
Spock and Uhura's nightly routine.

1. One Chrysalis at a Time - Toshiko and Jack, gen
Postcards are not a substitute for a relationship. Jack doesn't really understand that.

2. A Monster of So Frightful Mien - Ianto/Jack
Ianto's a monster. Always has been, always will be. From the episode "Adam." See story header for warnings.

3. Devil in Your Details - Lois Habiba, gen
Lois Habiba was just doing her job. She never expected to become a spy or land in jail, but she's not sorry she did.

4. Annotations on a Self-Made Elegy - Toshiko, gen
When Toshiko is finished recording her goodbyes, she watches them one last time to make sure she got it right.
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