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Multi-fandom rec post: 2 Harry Potter, 3 Star Trek, 4 Torchwood

It's been a long time since I've done one of these!

Harry Potter
Luna Lovegood's Evidence of the Impossibility of True Love by downjune
Fourteen-year-old Luna writes a list of all the qualities she wants in a man. This wonderfully in character; Luna's voice is authentically fourteen, yet suffused with that extra bit of wisdom and frankness that makes her herself.

Thinking of You by sarcasticsra - Severus Snape and Charity Burbage, gen
A tiny, tiny snippet but the most emotionally resonant background I've read for the "but Severus, we were friends" line from the movie.

Star Trek
From Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-legged Beasties by seanchaidh - Joanna and Leonard McCoy, gen
When Joanna McCoy is ten years old, her father dies in an away mission, or everyone thinks. Joanna isn't quite so sure. I loved Joanna here, precocious but still definitely a child. Her relationship with her father is poignant, and the mystery feels like it could have come out of a real Star Trek episode.

Red Sweat by tristesses - Gaila and Uhura, gen. See story header for warnings.
Gaila and Uhura won't go down without a fight. These are some of the most beautifully tense action scenes I've ever read. Both characters come off as real soldiers, but their friendship shines through too.

More than Just Memories by jedibuttercup - Leonard McCoy and Illyria (from Angel), gen
Three hundred years in the future, Illyria appears on the Enterprise. Leonard McCoy watches her and tries to make sense. It's a very brief crossover snippet, but the characterization is achingly good.

There Is Nothing Here Worth Saving by heddychaa - Owen, gen
I'm so fabulously lucky that this story was written for me! It is the background for Owen's line, "Turned sixteen, she packs my bags. That is the nicest thing you’ve done for me in years mother." This is a beautifully plausible background for Owen, dysfunctional but not overly angsty. Owen is perfectly characterized as young but still cynical, and we can see how this situation would have helped him grow into the man we see in Torchwood.

Do Not Go Gentle by golden_d - Lisa and the Torchwood team, gen
Lisa haunts the Hub after her death, and we watch the events of seasons two and three through her ghostly eyes. A beautiful outsider's perspective on all of the Torchwood characters.

Better Left Unsaid by queenfanfiction - Lisa/Ianto
I've always thought there was something disturbing in the balance of power between Ianto and Lisa after her conversion. This fic captures that dynamic beautifully by relating all the small things that Lisa chooses not to tell him, things that Ianto would never imagine he doesn't know.

Trustworthy by citrinesunset - Tosh/Mary
I didn't think I'd ever read a story that made this pairing work for me, but this fic addresses the flaws in Torchwood's logic is such a plausible way that I believed Mary was innocent. Tosh's feelings about the aftermath of Mary's death are equally plausible, and the ending is chillingly good.
Hiya! *friends*

First off, you don't know how flattered/honored/bowled over I am by being rec'ced like this. :D Seriously, my day, it has been made.

Second, I thought I'd let you know that I'm in the middle of transferring my entire fanfiction archive to Dreamwidth (same handle). If you'd like to link to the fic directly, it's now located HERE.

Thanks, and again, THANK YOU. <3
Thank you for reccing "Do Not go Gentle!" It made me smile in the middle of an otherwise not-smile-worthy day. :)