End of the Year Fic meme

Is it unhealthy that I've looked forward to doing this all year?

Leitmotif of the year: Characters revealing emotions in oblique or understated ways. People being vulnerable on the inside and tough on the outside. Women in all of their infinite glory.

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Honestly, I don't feel that any of my stories have been underappreciated. My flist is wonderful, and even when a story doesn't get a lot of feedback, at least one of you always leaves a comment that shows you understand the story perfectly. That's enough for me!

Most fun story to write: I really enjoyed the commentfic memes and the prompts I collected at the end of the year. (I am still working on several of them - I've just struggled to have time to polish and post anything!) A couple stand-outs are the two Gaila ficlets I wrote for the Texts from Last Night Fest I hosted this summer, and also the most recent entries on my Amanda/Sarek tag. Not all of them are funny or happy stories necessarily, but I enjoyed the writing process for them immensely.

Story with the single sexiest moment: I couldn't really pick out a single moment since Not For the Last Time is one long description of a blow job, but it's certainly my sexiest story.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: I don't consider any honest depiction of human relationships wrong, so I can't answer that question.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: I don't really know that I permanently shifted my perceptions of any characters this year, but Star Formation 742A and After Love both feature a divorced Amanda, which was interesting to work with. I have always written Amanda as carefree and a little wild, and this was an interesting new perspective on their back story. Maybe having a failed marriage before made Amanda and Sarek more determined to pursue the relationship they wanted, even if it was a bit unorthodox.

Hardest story to write: Uh, everything currently sitting unfinished in my WIP folder? Of the ones I did finish, probably There Is Joy in Repetition (But Sometimes You Have to Break Routine), which was this year's remix. I want to love at it so badly, but every time I go back and re-read it, all I can see is how many more drafts it needed.

Easiest story to write: Shockingly, Uhura POV was the easiest thing I did all year. The Sum of Both of Us, a Spock/Uhura fic for where_no_woman, wasn't precisely effortless, but of everything I wrote, it provoked the least frustration and fewest revisions.

Best story of the year: How Winona Kirk Fell in Love, Found Her Strength, and Healed a Relationship with Bread Pudding

Truest story of the year: Probably Just Like a Waving Flag. That story just wouldn't have had a happy ending, and while it probably made the story less popular, I'm glad I stuck with the true ending.

Biggest disappointment: Myself, for having to drop out of two exchanges even though I had promising stories started.

Biggest surprise: I wrote an original fic! I did not think I was capable of that, but it was actually not as hard as I expected. In fact, I think I will write more of them!

Most unintentionally telling story: Perhaps you would like to browse the earlier entries on my Amanda/Sarek tag.

Favorite opening line: This is still a problem area for me, but it's getting better. This year, I actually found more than one good one!

One stares impassively at Spock over the three dead bodies on the transporter pad. (Carrion Comfort)

Finding time to say good-bye to the world is harder than she expects. (Annotations on a Self-Made Elegy)

The bridge automatically patches the away team's distress call to sickbay, but it isn't much – just Sulu's garbled call for help and a few coordinates for the transporter before the signal breaks up. (There Is Joy in Repetition...)

Once upon a time, before she had married a Vulcan ambassador, Amanda was not a practical person. (Until You Tear It Off Me)

Favorite closing line:
"There will be no disciplinary action, Mr. Spock. I grieve with thee." (Carrion Comfort)

"If Nyota were here, she'd say, "Because of you, I died thinking about a sex shrine," and Nyota would get what she really meant: thank you for being my best friend." ( If I Die in a Combat Zone (Give My Vibrator a Good Home))

Favorite line from anywhere: That's the problem with Jim. Sometimes he looks you in the eye when he's not lying. Of course, a lot of people would say that's the problem with her too. (Everytime I Get Arrested)

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to: Oh god, my WIP folder! Looking in it is so dispiriting! Some priorities, in no particular order:

*The Kirk/Sulu's mom story
*The story about Amanda and Spock and Hanukah that thistlerose requested (which will now be grievously late)
*The HP/Star Trek crossover in which Hermione pursues a time-traveling Death Eater onto the Enterprise only to be suspected of the crimes herself

Goals for next year
*Better titles, summaries, and opening lines
*Play in a couple more fandoms, hopefully with the goal of qualifying for remix in more than one fandom this year
*A couple more original fics
*More Spock, Sulu, and Number One
*To recognize that "dark ending" and "true ending" are not necessarily synonymous
*To avoid over-committing myself to challenges and exchanges
*The story about Amanda and Spock and Hanukah that thistlerose requested (which will now be grievously late)

Or really early!

I do so adore this meme. And if it helps, you are always and ever one of my role models (and "Just Like a Waving Flag" continues to be one of the best pieces of writing I've read this year).
This was fun to read, thanks for sharing! I'm in awe of all your productivity and also, going back to re-read some of your Amanda/Sarek pieces now, as I remembered how enjoyable they were.

*More Spock, Sulu, and Number One

All in one story, even? *g* No, seriously, I'm looking forward to that and whatever you write/post next. \o/