Fic: Made to Be Broken (George/Winona)

Title: Made to Be Broken
Author: igrockspock
Characters/Pairing: George/Winona
Rating: Teen
Summary: If there's a fight, they fight together. If they go down, they go down together.
Notes: For the Where No Woman Has Drabbled before challenge. Now with a sequel.

"You cannot ever die. That's a rule. That's an order."

"Okay, Commander Kirk, but be careful what you wish for. What if I'm 156, and my boobs sag all the way to my knees, and I can't go to the bathroom by myself, and I have to take out my dentures to give you a blow job?"

"Ick. Fair enough. You can die of advanced decrepitude. But only if it's very advanced. And you ask permission first."

"I promise. But what if I have to die?"

"Why would you have to die?"

"What if I get bitten by an evil radioactive alien spider thing and the agony is just unbearable and I can't hold on?"

"Won't happen. That's why you wear the sexy thigh boots and rubber gloves on science missions."

"You think the gloves are sexy? You're kinkier than you let on."

"Okay, the boots are sexy and the gloves are weird but necessary. But you won't get bitten by alien radioactive spider things."

"How about getting speared by angry locals?"

"It's a well-documented fact that angry locals only attack with torches and pitch forks, and they're more interested in chasing than killing."

"Coolant pipe, then. Coolant pipes explode and plasma conduits explode and dilithium crystals explode. Starships fucking explode."

"Fine. If you have to die, you wait till I get there."

"Can do. And you'll wait for me?"

"I'll wait for you. That's a promise."

"What do I do after you die?"

"Find someone who makes you happy and marry him. Or her. Or it. But preferably her."

"Nobody would make me as happy as you."

"Someone would."


"Yeah. It would just take a long time."

"And what am I supposed to do in the meantime?"

"Have wild, fabulous sex with anyone who'll have you. Which will be the whole goddamn galaxy."

"That's not fair. You know I'll promise anything if there's sex in the bargain."

And then, suddenly, he'd taken her by the shoulders, holding her a little hard and said, "No, really, Wi. Promise that if something happened to me, you'd find someone else to make you happy. I don't ever want you in this world without someone to love you."

"Okay," she'd said. "Okay. But you have to promise me something else: if we're both here, together, we both fight together. And if we go down, we go down together."

"Winona, I..."

"No. Stop. You know who you married. This is who I am. If there's a fight, I fight beside you. And if you don't agree, I'm taking off this ring right now."

"Okay. I promise. We fight together. And if we go down, we go down together."

"Thank you. And now that you've promised to die by my side and let me die by yours, I'll remind you that it will never happen because there's no such thing as a no win scenario."


Next shore leave, they write down the rules on a real piece of stiff white paper.

"This is ridiculous, Wi. Paper burns. Paper gets torn up. Paper turns yellow and kills trees."

"Computer files get deleted. Viruses eat them. Someone spills coffee all over the PADDs where they're saved and then they're gone forever."

"Fine. But you have to do the writing. I don't suppose you thought to buy a pen?"

"I did, thank you very much."

So she writes.

Rule #1: Neither George nor Winona will die.
Rule #2: If George or Winona absolutely, positively has to die, they will not do it until the other one arrives.
Rule #2b: If George absolutely, positively has to die, Winona will have as much sex as possible until marrying whatever being will make her as happy as George did.
Rule #2c: If Winona, absolutely positively has to die, George will have as much sex as possible, but only with beings slightly less attractive than Winona. Then he may marry whatever being makes him as happy as Winona did. After a suitable mourning period, of course.
Rule #3: Rule #2 applies only in case of away missions or stupid engineering accidents. If George and Winona are together, they fight together, and they go down together. No exceptions are permitted.

They both sign the rules and they hang on the wall of their quarters through 4 different postings. Winona believes them, at first because she is determined, and then because they work. When she really does get bitten by a radioactive alien spider thing, she wants to die because she's her own goddamn woman and going toward the light sounds a helluva lot better than this much pain. But she hangs on because she promised George she'd wait till he got there, and by the time he arrives, she knows she's not fucking dying on this pile of rock because of some ridiculous science fiction spider.

There are other close calls. A plasma fire breaks out in the lab one day when an ensign forgets the vent-a-hood. She gets everyone out alive (no such thing as a no-win scenario), and refuses to die of the plasma burns (no such thing as a no-win scenario, and she promised George). Neither of them meet angry locals with spears, torches, or pitchforks, but both of them meet angry locals with phasers, and both of them get shot. Consoles blow up in George's face. He falls down cliffs on away missions. His body is invaded by a sentient virus on Andros VI. But he's still alive. She never knows if he believes her about the no-win scenarios, and she doesn't ask. She does know what he promised her, and he knows it too. When she rushes to sickbay and beams down to mysterious planets, she finds him muttering incoherently, "I can't die, Doc. I promised my wife. She made me sign." George is a man of his word. Maybe he fucks up sometimes. Maybe he checks out an ass here and there, maybe he can't stop spilling the goddamn coffee on her research reports, maybe he'll never learn to keep his socks off the bedroom floor. But in 2 years of dating and 4 of marriage, he's never broken a promise. Nothing in Starfleet is safe or certain except these two things: he'll never die before she sees him one last time, and if he goes down fighting, she goes down with him.
You just broke my heart into itty bitty pieces.

Also, I now really want to read The Interplanetary Adventures of George and Winona Kirk, In Which There Are Spiders and Angry Locals Wielding Phasers, But No One Dies. That would rock.
The Interplanetary Adventures of George and Winona Kirk, In Which There Are Spiders and Angry Locals Wielding Phasers, But No One Dies

Hah! Funny title, but so apt. Write it!
Also, I now really want to read The Interplanetary Adventures of George and Winona Kirk, In Which There Are Spiders and Angry Locals Wielding Phasers, But No One Dies. That would rock.


Also, this fic is amazing and made me want to cry. I LOVE IT.

ugh, need moar icons so i have room for dr. cameron winona and george. for now you get the guitar -- BECAUSE YOU ROCK. >:]
Thank you for the enthusiastic feedback. I shall do my utmost to write more stories of George & Winona's epic interplanetary love.
This made me cheer aloud. George and Winona! I've been wanting stories about them, their life together, what the people who could produce a Jim Kirk were like, and this is absolutely them and utterly gorgeous. (And gives her "you should be here" further context.)

Thank you! George and Winona have completely eaten my brain, so hopefully there will be more to come.
Thank you! I wanted to leave just enough in the end to make it a bit bittersweet, and I'm glad it worked :)
Awww... Except it makes me want to cry to realize they won't go down fighting together and their promises will be broken. I can just see Win cursing him, because he SIGNED dammit, as she gives birth to James.

Great writing :)
Thank you! I actually just finished off a little sequel that does indeed involve Winona cursing him after the fact...
Funny, and heartbreaking given what we know is coming.

I'm trying to put into words what I enjoy about this fic - I think it's the way that you recast George's death as exceptional not as the only time they encounter danger, but as the only time they're forced to submit to practicality. It certainly makes an enormous difference for both Winona's character and their relationship to see both of them fighting, rather than only showing Winona in the role of a woman/mother to be protected. The fact that you've done it with love and laughter just makes it that much better.
Thank you so much! I've been trying to come up with an articulate, discussion-y sort of response, but I think I'll just say that it's incredibly gratifying when someone reads a story and gets *exactly* what you were trying to do. :)
Oh, my. This hurts. This hurts so fucking good.
It's amazing how much of Jim we see in your versions of both George and Winona.
Thank you! I'm glad both George and Winona came through as people who could have created a James T. Kirk.