Ficlet: Star Formation 742A (Amanda/Sarek)

Hello! I seem to be obsessed with writing ficlets lately. I am taking prompts in this post if you like.

Title: Star Formation 742A
Pairing: Amanda/Sarek
Rating: PG
Summary: Very early in their relationship, Amanda and Sarek discover they have something unexpected in common.
Notes: for rubynye, who wanted something about Amanda, Sarek, and Vulcan's night sky.

Amanda had imagined that she would find Vulcan irredeemably dry. No, worse than that. Arid, parched, incapable of sustaining life. Instead, she finds it peaceful. The hot breeze caresses her face and whispers over the sand dunes. The sound is not so different from wind rustling the leaves at night.

Sarek points at a line of three bright white stars, and she shifts her eyes upward to the red-tinged sky.

"Orion's belt," she says. "What's it called in Vulcan?"

"Star Formation 742A."

She laughs out loud then cuts herself off abruptly. Her human laughter seems too alien for this place.

Sarek looks at her, a single eyebrow raised.

"If you desire, I could fabricate a more original name."

She shakes her head, looking out at the expanse of sand and stars.

"No, Sarek, I like Vulcan the way it is."

She thinks of padds and ancient language texts heaped around the small office she'd rented in the Vulcan Language Academy's study center. There was some question, something about syntax, that she had wanted to ask Sarek, but she can't remember it now. For the better, she thinks. She could stand to leave her research alone for more than five minutes at a time.

"Thank you for liberating me from the office," she says. "I haven't done anything like this -- " she gestures out at the open desert and sky -- "since I was married."

The revelation startles her a little. She did not, as a rule, talk often about her divorce, especially not with men she may be dating.

"I was not aware you had been married before," Sarek says noncommittally. On Earth, this would have been a judgment; on Vulcan, it was a diplomat's question, phrased to allow her to elaborate as little or as much as she chooses.

"We were young. And foolish. Well, him especially, but me too."

She thinks she hears a faint snort. She looks over at Sarek, but he is not looking at her. His fingers, splayed on the balcony a few inches from hers, shift infinitesimally closer. Closer than a friend, she thinks, further than a lover. The perfect summation of her month-long not-quite-relationship with Sarek.

When he finally looks at her, she is surprised to see mischief in his eyes.

"I can only hope," he says, "that my first wife speaks of me with such forbearance."

This time, she does not stifle her laughter.
Bwah! Perfect. I have such love for these two and I think it may be entirely because of you. :)
Okay, I'm in love with this couple. Great work!

>"Star Formation 742A."

That one got me, too. :D
I don't think words can express how much I loved this, or how very much I needed to read this particular story tonight. I love how you handled their voices, I laughed out loud (for real) at the first punchline, and the second punchline just filled me with glee. This was just delightful, and yeah, I've shipped them since I was three years old. *happy sigh* When I say thank you for sharing it, realize I am pronouncing it "ZOMG THANK YOU!"
Oh, this is so lovely. I adore how you write their characters and exchanges. :-)