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You may help me achieve this goal in two ways:

(1) Are there any commentfic memes (not kink memes) floating around that I should know about? Link me!

(2) Leave prompts. As always, I am a somewhat fickle filler of prompts, but right now I am feeling inspired, so your odds are good. Your odds are better if your Star Trek prompts are not song lyrics. (Weird, I know. I don't really understand how my mind works either.)

Relevant fandoms: Star Trek, Harry Potter, Torchwood. Jack/Ianto is the only slash pairing I like.
Sirius/Tonks/Lupin: Christmas Eve, telling truths

Luna & her dad: A cherished memory; growing dirigible plums

Luna & or / Neville: Not all cages have bars.

Tonks and Tosh meet. Preferably cute, but up to you.
(By the by, I will totally argue for Lupin/Tonks/Sirius or first Sirius/Lupin and then Tonks/Lupin as canon even though S/L was never explicitly spelled out the way T/L was...)

Teddy Lupin: Learning about his father.

Luna and/or Hermione: The glass slipper would never fit; a kiss would not be enough for wakening.
Tosh and Tonks ought to be coming up soon! A draft is finished, though posting might be a bit delayed if I manage to nab the relevant prompt from the Torchwood gen fest. Thank you for the idea!
Oooh! Harry Potter prompts? May I ask what pairings you're partial to in this fandom? Because I'd love to leave some!

Also, how about a ficlet about Harry and Hermione (can be shippy or just gen) the Christmas after DH... (their Christmas during DH probably about the worst Christmas ever!) They'd be dealing with seriously bad memories, and no one else knows exactly what went down or how awful it was and I imagine it would be very haunting and they wouldn't want to talk about it with anyone else, which would confuse/frustrate the others. Anything involving that! :) rambly prompt is unclear... sorry. ♥
Honestly, the little ficlet I posted a couple days ago was the first thing I've ever written in HP fandom. I'm afraid I haven't evolved any favorite pairings yet, though in general, large age gaps creep me out and I tend to lean toward canonical pairings. Character-wise, I love Luna and Hermione.
♥ Harry and Ron spend Christmas with the Grangers

♥ Hermione retrieves her parents from Australia ... how do they react?

♥ Luna and her dad struggle to deal with how he betrayed her best friends.

(wow, apparently I've got parental angst on the brain... not sure where that's coming from, actually)
Parvati and/or Padma Patil - cryptophasia, wartime

Cho Chang & or / Luna Lovegood - what it means to be a Ravenclaw

Tonks - trying to figure out her gender identity as a Metamorphagus (totally mangled the spelling there, sorry)

Millicent Bulstrode - being butch (or just coming out fic of any type, I love her completely)

Rita Skeeter - guilt

I would love you forever if you managed any of these. :D
Tonks - trying to figure out her gender identity as a Metamorphagus

Ooh. Ooh.

(you missed an "m" - metamorphmagus - but got the rest of it right. I think.)

Draco/Hermione, It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

Hermione/Luna, Sidhe

(these are reposts of two of the prompts I left at the above meme)

Sirius/Hermione - She develops a thing for guns; he likes it
Amanda lights Hanukkah candles. I'd be charmed if Spock and/or Sarek were involved.

Alternately, adult Spock lights Hanukkah candles to honor his mother.
I am working on this prompt, and I just wanted to double check something. Is it in any way uncomfortable/offensive to you if Amanda celebrates Hannukah more as a family tradition than a religious holiday? (As in, she does it to honor her mother's memory rather than because she is particularly religious?)
As a supremely non-religious person myself, that interpretation would sooooo not offend me. In fact, that's pretty much the reason I observe some of the traditions. It's awesome.

(And I'm glad you asked, because it occurred to me that requesting a story that could possibly have religious connotations might have been rude.)
♥ Andromeda (Black) Tonks! A very minor character, but Andromeda/Ted is my OTP. Anything you write about her individually, or with Ted, will make me squee. :)

Hmmm... A prompt... "Now I know the things I know, and I do the things I do; and if you do not like me so, to hell, my love, with you!" (Dorothy Parker)
two prompts
Hermione - Not the end of the world

Cracky crossover: Joanna McCoy + Luna - we can learn from each other
Because my mind works in strange ways -

ST/HP crossover: What happens when Gaila and Luna meet?
*jumps on bandwagon really late*

How about... Five people who underestimated Luna (and never did it again)?

Just on the off chance that it tickles the muse. :D

Man. I need a Luna icon, stat.
Torchwood: Toshiko can code in any computer language imaginable, is an intel whiz, handles ALL of Torchwood Cardiff's tech support, blew the MENSA test out of the water, and speaks several languages fluently, but does not know how to ride a bicycle. The rest of the crew helps her learn.
Harry Potter: Hermione flirts with/picks up a Muggle boy at the beach over summer holiday.
Star Trek: Sulu teaches Spock and Uhura, OR Kirk, how to ballroom dance. Dancing's not so different from fencing.

(one for each fandom.) :)
Star Trek: Intergalactic scrabble tornaments, and why they are bad for the smooth running of space ships.