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Book recs wanted

Having just finished (and adored) the Hunger Games trilogy, I have determined that I wish to read more young adult sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian future stories. Female protagonists are desired but not required. I should probably confess that I know the Tortall books are widely loved, but no matter how many times I pick them up at the bookstore, I somehow cannot summon the desire to read them.

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trying to rec things other people haven't . . .
I don't know what you've already read in the YA fantasy realm, but I think the biggest recommendation for YA fantasy, etc. that I have is Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief and sequels. I loved them quite a bit. They're sort of set in an alternate Greece. Main character is male but there's an amazingly strong woman in the later ones.

Juliette Mariller wrote a handful of YA-ish books with vampires that are not like Stephenie Meyer's vampires; the first one is Wildwood Dancing. They're historical YA fantasy set in eastern Europe. Lots of strong, intelligent women.

There's always Armageddon Summer by Jane Yolen and Bruce Coville. Two protagonists, one identifying as male and one female.

One of Cory Doctorow's books was sort of dystopian--actually, most of 'em are, but I was thinking of Little Brother, but CD's hit and miss for me, depending on how badly his "Nice Guy(TM)" is showing.

I unfortunately tend to avoid dystopian fantasy because I usually don't like it (I couldn't stand the Uglies books for various reasons) but, well, I'm sure this is enough to start!

(Also, I vastly prefer the Song of the Lioness quartet to the Keladry quartet, but it may be because of at what age I read each of them.)