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Book recs wanted

Having just finished (and adored) the Hunger Games trilogy, I have determined that I wish to read more young adult sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian future stories. Female protagonists are desired but not required. I should probably confess that I know the Tortall books are widely loved, but no matter how many times I pick them up at the bookstore, I somehow cannot summon the desire to read them.

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The Darkangel Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce; it's the kind of book that's un-put-downable and the worldbuilding is magnificent and it hits me right in the sci-fi buttons. Also with the in-world gray morality (it's a series that's unafraid to let its protagonist be wrong. I love it very much for that.).

Also, it's children's lit but The Windsinger Trilogy is one of my favorite books of all time, this time because it hits my creepy buttons (definitely sci-fi, definitely dystopic, very creepy all 'round), and because it's my very favorite portrayal of twins in any piece of literature ever.