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Two Star Trek Ficlets

boosette is having a learn from my fail commentfic fest over in her journal. I wrote a couple ficlets!

When Gaila and Hikaru first met, he said he was attracted to her because she always told the truth, so now that she's meeting his mom, she thinks it's kind of hypocritical that he gave her so many instructions on what kind of truth is okay to tell. Still, she thinks she is doing pretty well.

For example, she did not say, "you are really sexy," when she and Hikaru's mother were introduced, even though "you look very nice today" did not adequately explain the appeal of her jet black hair, her perfectly tailored leather jacket, and the small, red bird tattooed along her collarbone. Gaila had also restrained herself from saying, "I'll bet you have an excellent sex life," even though she could tell from the way Hikaru's mom walked that she got laid all the time. They probably would have had a lot of stories to trade, and Hikaru had told her it would be good to find some common interests...but since Hikaru's mother also seemed very interested in warp coils, Gaila talked about those instead.

Through her own research, she had gathered that it was good to compliment Hikaru in his mother's presence, so she says, "Your son's katana is very beautiful, and he wields it impressively." This is not precisely a lie because Hikaru's real sword is pretty cool, and it's not her fault if his mother interprets the comment more literally than she means it.

"Thank you," his mother says, "I helped him build the first one myself."

Gaila permits herself a small but delighted smile while Hikaru colors faintly beside her. His mom thinks she's talking about a sword, and Hikaru knows she likes his penis. She had done very well.

"So, Gaila, where did you two meet?" Hikaru's mother asks.

"At the Academy," Hikaru says hurriedly. "Remember?" He looks at her meaningful and squeezes her knee kind of hard.

Gaila nods, giving him a baffled look. Of course she remembers.

"Yes, in the bathtub full of condoms," she says. Hikaru chokes on his wine and Gaila pats his leg reassuringly under the table.

"What?" she hisses. "It's not like we had sex there." The packages had been much too sharp and pointy.

She turns back to Hikaru's mother and offers her most engaging smile.

"I hope they were unused condoms," she says mildly.

Gaila nods enthusiastically. She is sure this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Sarek looks uneasy, Uhura thinks. She smooths her uniform skirt self-consciously, trying to pinpoint the source of his discomfort. Was he really so disapproving of his son's human mate? It hadn't seemed so at the bonding ceremony, but then, Sarek was a diplomat and a Vulcan, no doubt very adept at concealing his emotions in public...

"Spock will complete his meditation shortly," she says, making her tone as respectful as she knows how.

Sarek nods gravely.

"There is no hurry. I apologize for the unexpected interruption."

He sits on the edge of the couch, as if he is planning to leap up and run away.

Uhura shakes her head.

"Our home is always open to you." She is certain that this is the appropriate Vulcan phrase, though she has only recently begun studying the sort of language Vulcans use to communicate with their in-laws. She adds, "It is a rare honor to have you aboard the Enterprise. Please, allow me to refill your tea."

She knows he's barely touched it, but she's feeling desperate now that she's exhausted the usual list of pleasantries and received only monosyllabic responses. She leans over the tea set, and he extends his cup toward her without meeting her eyes. Had she done something wrong? She studies the arrangement of cups and bowls carefully, but she can't see anything out of place, and Sarek had never been anything less than polite about her efforts to respect Vulcan traditions. Maybe now that she and Spock were married, he expected more from her?

"I hope the tea is to your liking," she says for what must be the third time today.

"It is most satisfactory," Sarek replies. His language is more formal than she can remember since their first meeting several years ago, and he is looking off in the distance somewhere, carefully avoiding both her and the coffee table in front of him.

"Has there been a security breach on the Enterprise?" he asks abruptly.

Uhura shakes her head, baffled by the sudden change of topic.

"No, not that I'm aware of. Has something happened?"

"No," Sarek says, inclining his head ever so faintly toward one corner of the coffee table.

"I don't under..."

But her words trail off because suddenly she does understand. There, half-hidden beneath the tea tray, lie a pair of silver handcuffs.

"Oh god." She can feel the blood rushing to her face as she bends over to swipe them off the coffee table. "Oh god. I'm so sorry, Sarek." She's not even speaking Vulcan anymore, can't even remember the words. "I wasn't -- I mean, we weren't -- not when you arrived..."

She covers her face with her hands, the handcuffs still danging from one of her fingers.

"Daughter," he says, "I believe I would prefer that you not explain."

She looks up cautiously and thinks she sees faint lines of laughter around his eyes.
Awwww great! Especially the second one. Poor Sarek, although he seems to take it quite well when he learns that it's been simple oversight *G*

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These are hilarious and awesome! Especially the Gaila/Sulu one and Gaila trying to behave by not calling his mother sexy.

Both of these made me so, so happy. I love Gaila/Sulu and I especially love Gaila and Sulu and Sulu's mom and omg Sarek and Uhura. I have this huge thing for Sarek/Amanda but now I reealllly want pages and pages of Uhura and Sarek being awkward around each other and then bonding.
Thank you so much! It's ages since I've written Gaila/Sulu, and I barely ever write Uhura, so I'm really glad you liked them all :)
Ahahahahaha, these are both awesome! I love Gaila and Sulu's mom. And poor Uhura! Poor Sarek! (And poor Spock, when he finds out.)
boosette is hosting WHAT? How did I miss this? I will have to go over when I get back tonight!

And oh, did you hear me shriek in laughter redoubled! The first one! Oh, GAILA you did so well indeed. *hearts Gaila* Milady* Sulu is going to be giggling forever at that.

And the second! Oh, Sarek, you rule with your smiling eyes. Bwee. BWEE. I love Nyota here, too. I think you wrote her excellently.

*: PS I couldn't recall what Starfleet rank you gave her, so that will suffice as a placeholder, I hope.

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Thank you so much! This is far more praise than my silly little ficlets deserve. I am so glad Nyota worked for you though; she's always a tough character for me.
It's been a long time since I made audible squee when reading fic, but both of these did the trick. :)
Wonderful~! Now I have to get Diet Pepsi off my keyboard.
Hehe, Gaila! I love his mother's reaction, too. I honestly believe that the person most embarrassed here is Hikaru. *g*

The Sarek one was equally hilarious. Perfect last line. :D
Yes, I think Sulu is most embarrassed too, although I'm not sure I blame him.

Thank you for commenting!
These were both great; I especially liked the first one. Now I want to know more about your version of Sulu's mom.
I'm so glad you liked her! I am working on a full-length story about her, so hopefully you will see more of her soon :)
Oh my word, Gaila is just perfect here! Glorious and delightful and matter-of-fact and absolutely divine. I could not adore her more. Not even possible.

And Uhura's confusion and embarrassment are very nicely portrayed and I loved the faint laughter lines around Sarek's eyes-- hehe! :)