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A couple memes

Five ways to know you are reading fic by igrockspock

1. The story is about a woman, the more obscure the better.

2. The woman in question may occupy a traditionally male role.

2. The characters express their emotions obliquely, or not at all.

3. The ending is significantly more likely to be bittersweet than happy.

4. The story focuses on a single lead character rather than an ensemble.

5. The story either provides back story or is set at some indeterminate point in the future rather than being contemporary with anything that happened in canon.

Stolen from thistlerose

1. Which is your favorite fic?

This changes often. Right now, it's Everytime I Get Arrested. It's such a random little ficlet about Gaila and Jim, but I'm very attached to it because it says everything I wanted it to say about both characters.

2. Which is your best-received fic?

Judging by number of comments, definitely You're Gonna Make It After All, which still kind of puzzles me because all I can see when I look at it are the technical problems with the writing.

3. Which is your worst-received fic?

My first Pike/One fic, but I'm not linking it because I'm so embarrassed of it. It definitely deserved the small number of comments it got.

4. Which is your angstiest fic?

I try not to write too much overt angst, so I'm not sure. It's probably Reality Bites, a Kirk and Spock friendship piece that I wrote ages and ages ago.

5. Which is your funniest fic?

The Proper Treatment of Sexorexia

6. Smuttiest?

Probably my whole Pike/One tag. Apparently, I have never written a story about them that was not rated NC-17.

7. Fluffiest?

I had to reach a long way back for this one. All the way back to the second fic I ever wrote, as a matter of fact, a Spock/Uhura ficlet called Candle.

8. Have you ever made someone cry with a fic?

People have said this, yes.

9. Which fic frustrates you the most?

Probably everything that I wrote in a rush and isn't as good as it could be. Most recently, that would be Pro Familia Mori, the one where Winona is the first officer of the Kelvin and George is the one who escapes with the baby.

10. Which fic was the most fun to write?

Invictus, the one where Number One is in the middle of a hostage crisis/shooting match to get back Pike. Writing action is so much fun! I wish that I had the bunnies for it more often.

11. Who is your favorite OC you've ever created?

Uh, does Christine Chapel count? I feel like I made her up, or at least my own version of her. If not her, then probably Sulu's mom, even though she is not yet available for public viewing. She's a sexy bad ass with a tragic past and a whole lot of determination to overcome it.

12. Are you better at oneshot or multipart?

One shot! Multi-part has never even occurred to me. I post the story because I don't have anything more to say about it.

13. What character do you think you're the best at portraying?

I don't know if I could choose a best or a favorite out of all my ladies. Gaila certainly draws the best response, but I am proud of my Winona, Number One, and Chapel too.

14. What character is the most difficult to portray?

Uhura all the way. I feel like I have something in common with all my other ladies, but writing Uhura always feels like writing someone completely alien to me. That means I second guess myself a lot.

15. Tag five other authors!

All of you? It is a fun way to tour your fic!
I'll do the 15 later today, but I'm not sure I could do the "Ways to know you're reading fic by Rand/Rand and Chimera" one.
1) Language that is beautiful but never gets in the way of the story.
2) Mental and emotional states are very clearly described.
3) Brilliant characters are brilliant, rather than that everyone else shows them to advantage by being dumb.

-- more later I hope! *tries to shoo coworker*
I do so love my friends' answers to these memes. :)

Two other features of your fics: you have 1) a breathtakingly precise use of language and 2) a wonderful understanding of what it is to not be in the majority. I still remember when Spock related his mother's admonishment in response to his saying "don't come to my school, everyone mocks me for having a Human mother". I LOVE that scene.

[sorry for the incomplete former v of this. Coworker keeps walking past me like a tiger in a cage.]

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