number one: don't fuck with me

Pike/One bingo

Squee! pike_numberone is handing out bingo cards!

I got two of them, just because.

alternate universe: jane austen sex: covert didn't expect to see you here: chance encounters tie-in: vulcan's glory, the rift, conflicting natures, children of kings, or captain's log: pike time travel
injuries & illness relatives: number one & christine chapel first impressions: the way we met epistolary formal wear: dress uniform
threesome: pike/manpain/number one evil twins FREE SPACE crossover or fusion: tos/aos good-natured bickering & other banter
fancy flying & other piloty goodness handcuffed together marriage: anniversaries marriage: accidental waking up in the same bed
unkilled: never actually dead future fic courtship: getting to first date villains with heroic motive the menagerie fix-it

relationships are hard: my day is not within your security clearance date or not a date: until they started shooting at us long lost heir first impressions: the way we met sex: toppy!one
fuck or die snowed into a cabin / canadian shack fic adventures in babysitting mirror universe crossover or fusion: same actor different character (majel barret
sex: covert causality loops aka and then they broke time FREE SPACE flowers for algernon / where no man has gone before tie-in: crisis on vulcan, sins of the mother, a private anecdote, a less perfect union, or mirror images
the holiday episode sex: we're gonna die! everyone thinks they're doing it undercover: posing as a couple ropes and snares: it's a trap!
date or not a date: working dinner alternate selves: sex with post-apoca-fic mmm waffles alternate universe: pre-warp

Brainstorming help is welcome! I am not really worried about making bingoes; I just want Pike/Number One (or Pike AND One) bunnies because I haven't written either of them in forever. I am thinking that for "sex: alternative selves," One should have sex with her mirrorverse counterpart because that is allegedly the only way to stop her taking over the ship. Not just because she wanted to have sex with her evil doppelganger. No way, not at all. Other than that, I don't have any particular ideas, so please to be helping out.
I have to laugh -- I'm fairly certain you haven't read and wouldn't care for our BB, but in it Christine Chapel and "Lieutenant Chapel" are niece and aunt -- And of course "Lieutenant Chapel" is totally intended to be Number One. (If you want to riff on that, Lt. Chapel has three degrees and is serving as effectively student orientation councilor and Christine is still in the academy)

I think you should do someone else's wedding anniversary, and have One reflecting on all the reasons she's happy with her relationship with Pike the way it is and wouldn't want to marry him. Maybe she's even turned him down!

Please do this one: relationships are hard: my day is not within your security clearance but I don't have any suggestions for it.

You could expand on my fic Duty for "Adventures in Babysitting."

You could combine "Date or not a date: working dinner" and "everyone thinks they're doing it" -- though you'd have to go with someone (or several someone) else's POV -- where Pike and One always eat dinner together, even if they're not on the same shift.
I think 'mmm waffles' is the best prompt ever.

(I'm going for a blackout because I might as well. That, and boosette will have to mail me something awesome.)
I have a long-standing suspicion that sex with one's doppelgaenger would *not* be along the lines of "oh how well s/he knows me", but quite the opposite, a mine of surprises-- some pleasant, some not so much. Even if said doppelgaenger is more of a double rather than a complementary, opposite counterpart. Because none of us knows him/her self so well after all...
Does this count as a plot bunny?