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The ubiquitous WIP meme

In which I have conversations with my WIPs. Because I posted excerpts of them last week, so I can't do that again today.

Hermione: I am lonely on the Enterprise, but please do not fill me with excessive angst. Are you sure you should handwave my understanding of highly futuristic technology?
Leonard McCoy: I am highly empathetic, but have no clear role in the plot.
Death Eater: You don't know how to catch me. MWAHAHAHA!
Me: Hermione, you must catch the Death Eater by November 12. I am on a deadline here!

Kirk/Sulu's mom
Kirk: Sulu's mom has got it going on.
Sulu's mom: I have a very sad secret.
Kirk: I am exhausted after failing to save Vulcan and only came home with you because I didn't know what else to do with myself. By the way, I miss the Enterprise.
Sulu's mom: I don't actually want to sleep with you either, but I am really lonely.
Kirk: This situation is awkward and complicated.
Me: This situation is awkward and complicated.

The BSG Remix Duello Fic I still want to finish
Bill Adama: My characterization is very tricky!
Me: I think you are kind of like if I fused a Vulcan with Number One, except with less logic and more alcohol.
Bill Adama: I don't know, am I?
Me: That is why this story did not get finished by the deadline.

The Random Story about Toshiko
Tosh: That bit about the day my mother disappeared is quite nicely written, actually. Too bad you don't have a plot for the rest of it.
Me: I know, right?

Sequel to "If I Die in a Combat Zone, Send My Vibrator to a Good Home"
Uhura: I'm sad my best friend died on the Farragut.
Gaila's ghost: Hey! Didn't I say you should build me a sex shrine if I didn't make it home?
Uhura: That is grossly inappropriate for my personality. Should I do it anyway?
Me: I don't know. You figure it out.

That Big Bang where Gaila has to rescue all the Orion slaves
Pike: I'm not sending anyone on a mission like that.
Number One: I am slightly Machiavellian in this story.
Gaila: I eavesdropped on you and I want to rescue slaves. Wait, saying goodbye to everyone I know kind of sucks.
Me: I hope I can come back and finish you sometime. It might take a year though.
It might take a year though.

Yeah, this is similar to the tactic I am taking with the st_bigbang -- finish something of the length requirement before it starts, and then writing something for the actual bang during the time allotted.
I had no idea this meme existed and I like it lots. The Kirk/Sulu's mom one sounds very intriguing, and the Hermione one made me crack up.
*grins at you* Yeah, I did this because I was going to do the excerpt meme and realized how many of my WIPs have no new text since the *last* time I did the excerpt meme. But then it turned out unexpectedly cathartic as well as fun!

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This was fun, thank you for sharing. Also, Machavellian Number One rocks like the sixties. :D