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Title woe

How do you guys think of titles for your stories? It is the one aspect of writing that has never gotten any easier for me, and I am already dreading the title search for each of my upcoming deadlines.
Hah. Depending, I can either pull a stupid line from the story (although I hate doing that; it's remarkably obvious) or I dig through the lyrics of someone with enough of a back catalogue that I can find songs of more than one flavor and then I'll drag out a random line.

I'm pretty terrible at it, though.
It's the part I always find the hardest. Sometimes I use a line from the story, sometimes a line from a song or poem. I use Shakespeare when I can't think of a title, or I put some keywords in a quote generator and see what comes up.
Sometimes, the titles are the first I think of when starting a story, weirdly. But other times, it's wicked hard to find the right one.

When I'm stuck for one, I tend to reread the story, play around with some lines from the fic that fit the theme, ask my beta, and stare at the keyboard a lot.
I rip off ^ that guy a lot.

(And other poets who are more eloquent than me.)
I'm almost superstitious and try to add the title as the very last thing... usually.

However, in case of series I tend to have a main theme and then find titles that fit to it.

Free associating helps sometimes too. Though some stories still end with utterly terrible titles *G* So yeah, I guess we all know the problem of title-finding.

Songs that remind me of the story, maybe a phrase that describes the story?

I think of titles as poetry, and I'm pretty good at that.
Poems and song lyrics mostly. I binged a little on Wordsworth last year, and I've taken at least three titles from Neko Case's "Middle Cyclone" album. I'll sometimes jot down a lyric (I carry a notebook with me a lot of the time and I keep one near by bed). I have this short list of potential titles.

Sometimes I'll pick out a theme or idea from the story.

Sometimes it's a colossal struggle, though.
Sometimes, the title is just there.

Sometimes, we have to go hunting for it -- Oftentimes, I'll go in and start hunting up quotes on a theme or a particular element of the story that I think is important and find something that fits or that I can truncate to fit.

Sometimes, a line from the story will leap out at one or the other of shinychimera and I as either the title or a leaping-off point for the story.

Sometimes it takes all of the above plus the thesaurus plus going through our mutual list of quotes we like plus lots of back-and-forth and we end up with something that isn't quite right but is the closest we can come.
I can't write without a title. I would go so far as to say the title inspires the story, not the other way around.
If the title doesn't come with the plotbunny, I find a poem, song, or phrase that fits thematically with the story and pull a title from there.