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5 Star Trek recs

Mnhei'sahe (The Rhiannsu Remix) by medie - Sulu, Romulan commander
This is the best gift I could have possibly received for Remix Duello. medie told the story I wished I could tell in There Is Joy in Repetition (But Sometimes You Have to Break Routine) - the story of the Romulan commander, who she was, and how she ended up on the Enterprise. Not only are both main characters beautifully done, the story is perfectly paced, and the slow revelation of the commander's motives propel you easily through the 7,000 words.

Ice Cream by anonymous - Joanna McCoy
The second lovely fill I received for a prompt about an ST character recognizing their sexual orientation and coming out to others. This one features Joanna McCoy slowly putting together the pieces of her sexuality and confiding it in her parents. I particularly loved the authenticity of young Joanna's voice.

Stories Have Endings, Fantasies Fade by sunriseinspace - Jocelyn McCoy/Leonard McCoy, Jocelyn McCoy/OMC
Normally, when I see that a story is 9,000 words long, I pass it by. This one was worth keeping open in my browser for a few days. This is a plausible, human rendering of the dissolution of the McCoys' marriage and the ways that Jocelyn slowly reassembles her life. I liked the way that Leonard was almost a side player while Jocelyn was the focus and the star.

Morning Finds You Still Warm and Breathing by thistlerose - Spock/Uhura
Spock and Uhura share their first morning after in the wake of Vulcans' destruction. This is such beautiful and balanced characterization of two people who don't often allow themselves to admit vulnerability or share their emotions. The sex is hot, but it's not about that; it's about balancing love with duty and staying strong with giving into need.

Toska by rubynye - Kirk/Spock/Uhura
Sometimes Kirk stays the night with Spock and Uhura. Their daughter wants to know why. If kidfic is not usually your thing, give this one a try anyway; it's sweet without being saccharine, and Uhura's feelings about both Jim and her daughter are beautifully rendered.
Oh my goodness. I am blushing like a blushing thing, that you liked my little story this much and the company of awesome tales you've put it in! Thank you. :)