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Torchwood question

When Tosh said that she had to cover for Owen and pretend to be a doctor because he was too hung over for his job, what do you think she was doing?
Remind me which ep that happens in? I'll watch again tonight and come up with an answer then. ;)
I can understand the relief and disappointment. :)

(Working on my xover_exchange fic, since we finished our bb and have sent it to our beloved betas; do you watch Fringe?)

And I just clicked through to that link and went O.o at the idea of a pink TARDIS. Which is awesome and o.O worthy, I think.

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It's a reference to her appearance in the Doctor Who episode "Aliens of London." Here is the summary (with spoilers, of course). Tosh is mentioned under "Continuity" (toward the bottom of the article).

Edited for clarity. :)

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