Lady fic!

eppic is hosting a multifandom Lady Fest.

I am not sure if I will get to participate since I need to work on my tw_femficfest tonight, but I selfishly left prompts anyway.

Star Trek XI, any female character - It’s this way:
being captured is beside the point,
the point is not to surrender.

Star Trek XI, Uhura/McCoy - what part of fuck off don't I understand?

Torchwood, Toshiko Sato, the first time she fired a gun

Torchwood, Gwen Cooper, what does she choose to tell (or not tell) her daughter about her life with Torchwood?

They are on page 2 just in case anyone should be interested in filling them.

The Kirk/Sulu's mom prompt is kind of eating my brain.
I love the Uhura/McCoy prompt. :) I don't think I can touch it, but I love it and I really hope it gets filled.

Rrf. Big bang. must finish big bang. And then xover exchange (I may be pursuing a non-woman one for that, but someone not on LJ suggested Snape and Jayne escaping some situation as a possible crossover and now I think I may have to write it. I just need to pick a POV. And at some point, Jayne has to say to Snape: "I may not be very smart and I ain't got much book learning but I ain't stupid.")

Oh, and somewhere this weekend I need to re-watch and write a recap for The Irrefutable Truth About Demons, which I had completely forgotten about.

Whimper. Why do I do this to myself? And why I am I complaining in your journal when you need reassurance?
I'm glad you like the prompt! I think it could go a lot of directions.

You certainly do have a lot on your plate! I like your idea for your crossover though. They are so mismatched; I would love to see them interact. Maybe Snape POV for maximum snark? I feel like Jayne's POV on Snape, while amusing, would basically be a retread of his views on Simon. But then, I am always biased toward Snape POV.

Good luck getting all of this done, and feel free to complain anytime. That is what friends are for :)
Your first prompt makes me want to write either my particular Gaila's first day at the Entertainment Center or the longest nineteen hours of someone's life. But in the mood I'm in I really shouldn't.

It's a beautiful prompt, but then your prompts are beautiful.
That first prompt is from a poem I taught this morning. (It is here if you are curious.) It did immediately make me think of Gaila, but I decided to leave it open unless someone else had an interesting take for another character. I know I would love whatever you wrote, even if you did write it just to channel some negative feelings, but I totally understand if you are not in the mood.

And thank you for the compliment. I may or may not have a file of prompts lying about on my computer.
Oh my God. That poem -- I'm crying now. (No, this is a good thing.) It reminds me of my childhood.

I know exactly what story I would write, but I can't inflict that story on you. (Did I mention I'm in a bad mood?) Maybe another day.

Thank you for that poem.
Well, my usual squicks and triggers and too-disturbing-to-read or too-sad-to-read barriers don't apply to Gaila at all, so I'm sure I would love your story, but definitely do not feel obligated to write. I know you have a lot on your plate right now. You really ought to add exceptindreams to your flist if you haven't already; she posts such beautiful things.
Oooooooooooooooooh. This is relevant to my interests. Thank you for linking!

As an aside: Sulu's mom has got it goin' on.
If you wrote that I would scream. Just so you're aware.
aldfasdf Oh my god I will love it no matter what.

I am working on your Uhura/McCoy. That prompt, it spoke to me.
Hm. It appears to insist upon being genfic, or perhaps an abortive hook-up. I hope that is still pleasing.

Squee for the McCoy/Uhura prompt! I am excited to see what you will make of it.
Random factoid: the first definition of tbh I found was "to the butthole."

(Later, I found a more accurate translation.)
I probably just need to be more literate with my knowledge of internet acronyms. I confess I wasn't sure if it would be a good thing if you were pleased to your butthole.